13 April 2010


You know how Zionists claim there never was a “Palestine?” If you search that phrase you will find hundreds, if not thousands, of propaganda sites trying to convince you of this fairytale and re-write history to their own perverted satisfaction. Well, a major blunder has taken place, it seems that some Zionists have not had the latest memo from Zionist Central. A momentary lax in lying has caused a few to tell the truth, I’m sure quite by accident. More proof after this revelation:
link A campaign is being launched in North America to locate the heirs to Israeli assets, originally purchased by Jews who died in the Holocaust.

Throughout the first half of the 20th century, hundreds of European Jews invested in what was then Palestine. Following the atrocities of World War II, many of the assets were never claimed.
"What was THEN Palestine!!!! did you get that??? And this from a Zionist newspaper no less. I'm sure heads will roll for this blunder:) There will be Zionists lining up to have their flogging followed by re-education camps for all involved.

But, those responsible for today's article will soon have more company, as other Zionists have also told the truth. Check it out; Now if we read the article further (below), we see a reference to a bank called the Anglo Palestine Bank which later became Bank Leumi, see below:
Included in these assets are untouched plots of land, unclaimed bank accounts and shares from the Jewish Colonial Trust (the parent company of the Anglo Palestine Bank which later became Bank Leumi) as well as other Israeli financial institutions.
So what does Wiki have to say about that Bank located in that mythical country Zionists today say never existed LOL. They might want to check with those Zionist from 1902 who created that bank and who also called it "Palestine." Either that or we can expect Wiki to come under attack very soon. Check this::
The bank's activities in Palestine were carried out by the Anglo-Palestine Bank, a subsidiary formed in 1902. The bank opened its first branch in Jaffa in 1903 under the management of Zalman David Levontin. Early transactions included land purchase, imports and obtaining concessions. Branches were opened in Jerusalem, Beirut, Hebron, Safed, Haifa, Tiberias and Gaza.[2].
So as we rejoice in the stupidity of the Zionist lies about the existence of Palestine, I worry about what the crux of the article regarding the "lost assets" soon to be reclaimed by Jews around the world might mean with regards to those "land assets" See here:
Included in these assets are untouched plots of land
I wonder if any of these "untouched" lands belong to Palestinians today, or are located in Palestine today. If so then we have a situation where Zionists will take land off of Palestinians in Palestine, reclaiming the land for Zionist who bought it after the war. However, this same legal right does not exist for Palestinians who have owned land in what clearly WAS Palestine (so says the Zionists!)in places like Jerusalem which is in Palestine, and always was, where even today, Palestinians with keys in their hands are being removed from their homes they have owned for generations, long before "Israel" was created. If you want to talk about a country that never existed, that would be Israel, which was created by a UN resolution, you know, those pesky little things issued by the UN that Israel now likes to ignore to the tune of over a hundred.

FACT=Palestine existed
FACT=Israel was created