13 April 2010


I couldn't agree more with this guy's analogy of the situation:
link Staffordshire University Student President Assed Baig was arrested by Israeli troops during a Middle East trip, it emerged today.

Baig, known for his strong political and religious views, was visiting students at universities in Palestine to discuss current issues when he was detained by soldiers.

He told StaffsLive how he was talking to interviewees for an article he was writing for London Progressive Journal, when the soldiers approached.

“I was detained on Palestinian soil by Israeli troops whilst looking around a farm but I was not told what I was being arrested for,” he recalls.

“I was not charged but to put it into perspective it is the same as being arrested by American troops on British territory.”
Yep, that's the absurdity of it, as the world ignores the insane occupying criminal behaviour. Move along now, nothing to see here.................