17 April 2010


Alliance of 7 countries calls on Israel to join NPT, and guess what? America is not on the list, but, Ireland is:) And the other six are Egypt, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand and South Africa. Still getting over the shock of Egypt being on that list, but fair play to them! Isn't it amazing that these 7 countries are doing more to halt the spread of nukes than all of Obama's pretty words. Fair is fair, let's get Israel to sign the NPT like Iran did. Then we can deal with ALL the nukes in this world, not just a "select few"
link An alliance of seven countries on Friday presented a working paper on nuclear disarmament that calls on Israel to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and open its nuclear sites for international inspection, Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) has reported. The working paper presented by the international alliance known as the New Agenda, spearheaded by Egypt, has called for a number of proposals and gradual steps on the road to nuclear disarmament.The alliance groups Egypt, Brazil, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa and Sweden.The working paper will be discussed during the forthcoming NPT review conference in New York next May.

Permanent Representative of Egypt to the UN in Geneva Ambassador Hisham Badr said that the working paper proposes specific steps to free the world from nuclear weapons including the reduction by the nuclear countries of its state of nuclear readiness, and the downsizing of nuclear weapons use in military doctrine.