12 April 2010


Zionist Federation of Britain caught in another big fat lie. For Zionists there is no such thing as “truth” the only thing that exists is how they can turn anything, no matter how small into some form of “Zionist Hasbara” Why is it that Zionists have an aversion to telling the truth? Are they born with it? Is it a genetic malfunction? Or does it come from the many years of telling so many lies that they actually begin to believe the rubbish that comes out of their mouths:
link The death threats, lies and accusations that stopped Israel's Arab Eurovision star from coming to Britain

This Friday, the Zionist Federation (of Great Britain) announced that Mira had pulled out of a Noa concert it was organising in London to celebrate Israeli independence.

Noa was still set to perform, a press release stated, however Mira was not to participate after receiving 'death threats against her and her family'.
However, as the story was quickly picked up by Israeli press, Mira posted a message on her Facebook page denying that any threats had been made.

It read: 'Today, on Israel radio, they said that due to threats on my life I cancelled a show in London I was supposed to appear in.

'It's time to tell the whole story. My manager, Ofer Pesenzon, was approached with a request for a Noa concert in London, with me as a special guest.

'Ofer agreed, thinking it would be a good opportunity to expose my music and, more importantly, spread the more-than-ever relevant message that Noa and I try to convey.
'Later on, the date of this show was set for Israel's independence day.

'The minute I heard about this concert, I asked Ofer to cancel my participation, out of consideration of the complexity of this date for me.'