13 April 2010

Being Owned

This is not necessarily about Palestine, but it could be about the West Bank, or any new Palestinian state if one were ever to be created and they were not very careful.

Some countries even actively seek to become owned by America, But have you ever wondered how countries end up under the thumb of the USA? No matter if by request, or stupidity, here’s your answer. Note the last paragraph:
link Ten members of the Caucus on Azerbaijan in the U.S. Congress sent a letter to President Barack Obama reflecting the importance of Azerbaijan-US relations

Foreign Ministry’s press service told APA that it was due to the activity of the Azerbaijani embassy in the US.

Points in the letter are:

Azerbaijan is an important strategic partner of the United States. Located in a geopolitically dynamic region between Europe and Asia and sandwiched between Russia and Iran,

The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline project, supported by both the Clinton and George W. Bush Administrations, is the most successful project

in 2009 Azerbaijan provided nearly one quarter of all crude oil supplies to Israel and is considered a leading potential natural gas provider for the U.S supported Nabucco pipeline.

On the security front, immediately after 9/11 Azerbaijan was among the first to offer strong support and assistance to the United States. Azerbaijan participated in operations in Kosovo and Iraq and is actively engaged in Afghanistan,
And what do they want for all this "help"
Against this backdrop, Section 907 of the Freedom Support Act of 1992, which prohibits direct U.S government assistance to Azerbaijan, remains a serious obstacle to expanding the strategic partnership between our two counties and is contrary to U.S. national interest in the region.
It's always about the money, and some countries are willing to become prostitutes.........