01 April 2010


Ok, it's Thursday, normally known as being the day before Friday, but not today. This Thursday a Zionist String Quartet playing live on BBC radio 3, had the show shut down and cancelled. Why? Because they were being heckled so much the program had to be cancelled whilst on air. And who says' Thursday's are boring. Enjoy this write up from a Zionist article(followed an account of the incident from one of the hecklers LOL):
link At lunchtime on Tuesday, the Jerusalem Quartet were doing a recital at the beautiful Wigmore Hall in London. It was broadcast live on BBC Radio 3. The Jerusalem Quartet – who come from Israel

But enter the great anti-string quartet alliance (for this was a joint operation by the “Brighton and Hove Palestinian Solidarity Campaign” and a group called “Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods”

A little way into the Mozart string quartet, a semi-trained, fully barking music teacher called Debbie Fink started braying a witless anti-Israeli song at the top of her voice to disrupt proceedings.

Then, in this carefully planned offensive, another member of the Wigmore Hall forward-operations unit stood up to denounce the quartet as having “blood on their hands”. This tactic of disruption was repeated, every ten minutes, by a few other planted members of the audience so that the concert was wrecked. Radio 3 cancelled their live broadcast.

One of the protestors was one Tony Greenstein, who travelled up from his Brighton base camp for the mission and who boasts about it on his blog, describing the musicians as “the vultures on stage”.
You can read Tony's blog here And even more coverage here
Three Cheers for Tony.............