26 May 2010


What is “terrorism,” And how to spot one, Israel has the handy dandy answer:
link TEL AVIV -- Israeli police today mounted a large-scale manhunt for a pair of suspected terrorists, fearing that they might have intended to blow up a bus in Tel Aviv.

A man on a bus yelled out “Allahu Akbar”, and, "itbach al yahud" in Arabic (slaughter the Jews).
Aside from yelling mere words, here’s the proof he was a terrorist:
Eyewitnesses said that they did not see whether the man he was carrying any “packages”, but that he was “wearing long sleeves and looked fat”.
So, according to Israels "definition" of “terrorism” it is the use of “words we don't like”, is someone “wearing long sleeves” and who is “fat." So I think I found a man who fits that criteria; note he speaks "racist words" and "Wears long sleeves" and is a "fat pig"

Next, France prepares warm welcome for Netanyahu. And proof California is not part of the US. But rather a subdivision of Israel;
link The event was Sacramento’s fourth annual Night to Honor Israel, sponsored by Christians United for Israel (CUFI), As the audience took their seats, a series of short videos were projected onto large screens. Shortly after 7 p.m., a modern version of the Sh’ma, an ancient Jewish prayer, filled the large ballroom. After the Sh’ma and the Star Spangled Banner came a haunting rendition of Hatikva, the Israeli national anthem
There are three faiths that come from Abraham, Jewish, Christian and Muslim. Notice one was left out. Can you guess which one? Sure ya can!!
All speakers delivered a message of Christian-Jewish unity, a denunciation of anti-Semitism, the hope that these two peoples of the God of Abraham are, after 2000 years, finally getting it right and were literally changing history before the eyes of the audience.
Check out that last sentence below , and notice who the Executive Director of “Christians United for Israel" is? And guess what? He’s not a Christian!!
The keynote speaker was David Brog. Although an observant Jew, he is the executive director of “Christians” United for Israel.
And Syria’s Assad is visiting the US and says:
link The United States has lost its influence in the Middle East peace process
DOH!! And the scummy little pig faced boy may be facing arrest, not really, we’ve heard this all before haven’t we?
link Israeli police on Monday recommended charging Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and another senior diplomat in a fresh corruption probe.
Well, Israel and America have much in common, Zionist's are not punished in either country.

Here's one for ya.
Australia-Israeli Agent expelled using Fake Passport.
In a final show of his respect for Foreign Minister Stephen Smith, the Israeli diplomat expelled by the Australian Government has left the country on a forged Australian passport. See the rest along with a "must see" photo of the passport HERE
And lastly, Israel tries to convince the world old people are good drivers in a "new" study. Israel says this:
link A new study from the Human Factors Safety Laboratory at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) indicates that advanced age does not affect older drivers' ability to perceive hazards
Oh Puleeeeeeze!! What about THIS

George Russell Weller, 86 years old, killed 10 people and injured more than 70 when he drove his car into a crowded farmers market in Santa Monica, Calif.
And this:

I rest my case!