31 May 2010


Great article at Arab News:
Gaza Flotilla Massacre

Terrible news: dozens of our friends and comrades are dead and wounded in the pirate attack in the high seas on humanitarian aid boats by crazed Israeli Jews. This is a dreadful crime that will forever be remembered. The details are not fully available yet; the massacre toll stands meanwhile on 15, but it can go up or down.

What is clear that the Israeli pirates attacked the humanitarian aid flotilla in the international waters over 90 miles (150 km) out of their territorial waters. The boats carried no arms, but the Jewish modus operandi was already well established in their recent attacks on Gaza and Lebanon. They can’t see blood, that is their blood. Others’ blood is not blood at all, in their eyes. Apparently, the pirates boarded the boats in the high seas, and when one of the pirates was scratched by a “sharp object”, they turned the boats into killing fields.

The flotilla of six small and medium boats was on its way to deliver and distribute food and children toys for the besieged Gaza. Among them there was the Turkish boat, which was apparently boarded first. There was also a boat bought and equipped by a great friend of Palestine, Mahathir Mohammad of Malaysia. A boat from Greece, boats flying American and Irish flags were boarded and people massacred as well.

Free Gaza did sail boats to Gaza over the past two years with differing results; they had some important persons aboard, notably our friend, the wonderful Cynthia McKinney, but this is the first time that the steering of this freedom regatta has passed from the hands of nice European volunteers to the locals, to the peoples of the region. This is a vast change, and a change that means a lot. While the Palestinian cause was only the cause celebré of Europeans with conscience, it was containable. Now, when it has become the concern of the local region, the countdown for the freak Zionist mini-Empire has begun.

The beasts understood it and decided to install fear in the hearts of peoples of the Middle East with their simple slogan: do not meddle with Jews but at your peril. This is the day to demonstrate against them.

Our demands:

- send Israeli ambassadors packing,

- send the navy to open Gaza for navigation,

- seize and hang the pirates, including the pirate “president” Peres and pirate “prime-minister” Netanyahu.

- No diplomatic relations, no place in the UN, no place in the international community for the murderers.