28 May 2010


Aid flotilla waits for last vessels to catch up near Crete before final route to Gaza

The greatest concern is the announcement that Israeli 'citizens' are preparing to sail with hundreds of boats to confront us. This is of concern since this may provide an excuse for the Israeli navy to intervene under the pretext of aiding its citizens. However, this contingent is likely to be made up of the most extreme elements of. Israeli society, namely the illegal colonists. Colonist violence is commonplace in the Occupied Territories and as a result they heap further misery on the Palestinian people. If these are the ones who will challenge the Freedom Flotilla, they will be interested only in maintaining the oppression that allows them to live illegally on Palestinian land.

Hear what Rachel Corries father feels about the boat named after his daughter and the flotilla to Gaza (if the video does not appear below, take this link HERE: