28 May 2010


please note that any updates I'm just going to add to the bottom of this post in numbered order, unless and until I get something really major. so be sure to scroll down for the latest updates as the flotilla is now being followed by police helicoper from Cyprus.

All the boats are gathering off the coast of Cyprus, once assembled they will move towards Gaza later today which is not that far. They are expected to arrive Saturday early, but of course that depends on the Israeli Pirates. Another two developments; firstly, the MV Rachel Corrie is running way behind and will ultimately travel to Gaza alone after the rest of the boats leave for the last leg to Gaza today. Secondly, is that the Zionist Entity has pressured Cyprus to not allow the boats to leave from there. Citing the PA has not requested any "aid for Gaza." More after this:
link Two cargo ships and five smaller boats loaded with thousands of tonnes of supplies and hundreds of passengers steamed towards a rendezvous point off the Cyprus coast where they planned to regroup before setting out for the Palestinian territory.

Organisers said an eighth ship, the Rachel Corrie that had left from Ireland, was lagging behind and would travel towards Gaza separately.

"The Cypriot government does not want us to leave from Cyprus. I can only assume pressure was put on them," said Audrey Bomse, one of the coordinators.

A Cyprus government official said of the flotilla that Cyprus had not received any formal request from the Palestinian Authority for humanitarian aid.
This next statement from Israel is off the charts with absurdity:
Israel earlier told the ambassadors of Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, and Ireland -- the countries from which the ships set sail -- it "issued warrants that prohibit the entrance of the vessels to Gaza" and that the flotilla would be breaking international law.
Insanity, since when can some random country issue "warrants" that prohibit other countries from traveling to yet another country on international waters? Never mind, it's the Evil Rogue State of Israel, the one that no country has the balls to stand up to, except of course Iran, Lebanon, Turkey and Syria:)

IMPORTANT NOTE: For those interested in watching the live streaming off the IHH Insani Yardim Vakfi on Livestream right HERE albeit right now it can be a wee bit boring at times as they are on the open ocean, but once in a while activists appear to speak. More importantly, tuck this link away, because once they begin to near the Israeli pirates you might get a glimpse of the Evil Pirates kidnapping the passengers, or the Pirate Navy taking pot shots at civilians on board before kidnapping them and taking them to the "camp" for interrogation and such.


as reported from IPSC members: Flotilla participant and IPSC activist Fintan Lane reported that the Challenger 1, the ship on which he is travelling, has just been refused permission to pass through Cypriot waters.

The Challenger is now being followed and filmed by a Cypriot police helicopter