28 May 2010


Israel lays out the "WELCOME MAT" for the Flotilla

And tells Flotilla members what they can expect when the Israeli pirates come aboard and kidnap them:

1. Thousands of Israeli troops prepare to attack unarmed civilians from 20 countries and members of the European Parliament and one Palestinian member of Israel's parliament, the Knesset from in international waters.

2. Netanyahu told the armed forces to use force, if necessary

3. Navy missile boats and Israeli warships will surround them. Navy commandos wearing black masks to prevent identification as war criminals and murderers, will board the ships and redirect them to Israeli waters

4. "We wish to avoid using force, but the moment that there is danger to the lives of the troops, we will be forced to use live fire as a last resort, " the officer said.

5. After the pirates take over the ships, Israel's "Engineering Corps" and the "Oketz dog unit" will search everyone on board for weapons and explosives.

6. If no weapons or "terrorists" are found, people then be taken to the port of Ashdod, where MORE soldiers and police will escort them to a special Concentration Camp, I mean "registration camp" where they will be detained/imprisoned. (wonder what definiation of “terrorist” Israel will be using, o doubt the one where everyone not supportive of the evil rogue state is considered a so called “terrorist”)

7. After more security checkS AND full body searches, the IDF will register each person and force them to sign a document agreeing to be deported to their country of origin.

8. If you refuse to “Sign zee paper” you will then be given a “medical exam” and immediately transferred to an Israeli prison.

9. Journalists and Diplomats are to be given “special treatment” However, it is noted that "since they will have cameras, there is very great concern about something happening that could endanger the troops''. Yeah, like being caught on camera committing a war crime or beating an innocent person senseless perhaps?


Call the news desks at Sky and the BBC now if you would like to support the flotilla. Ask why when dozens of Brit citizens and Irish Citizens are being threatened by Israel and there is nothing carried on their channel?? There's a live feed available for news desks via IHH here. Call NOW you can make a difference! BBC foreign desk: 0044208 624 9111. Sky News desk: 0207 705 3000