28 May 2010


There is a big UGLY surprise at the end of this post

Wow, all the different propaganda missions Israel has tried so far against the flotilla. Hmmmm, let's see....Oh yes, there was the sudden passing of a handful of aid trucks into Gaza with...........wait for it..............tiny bits of cement!!! Ooooooh, see how nice the Israelis are? Allowing cement in for the very FIRST time Wooo Hooo!!! Alas, it was not for the thousands living in tents whose homes Israel destroyed a year and a half ago, it was for UNWRA to rebuild their buildings Israel also destroyed, by accident, on purpose.

And then there was the letter to Shalit. where Israel claimed; "look those flotilla human rights activists won't take a letter to Gilad Shalit and they call themselves human rights activists, see they're nothing but terrorists" Remember that one? Wrong again, Oh you evil spawn of Satan Zionists, the Politicians on board the Flotilla said they would be happy to deliver the letters to Shalit. But where are the letters? In order for Shalit to GET those letters the flotilla must be allowed in, but Israel blocks it at the same time asking for letters to be delivered to Israel's captured POW Shalit. Now who's the non-humanitarian? Bad move, the bluff was called and Israel was exposed as the liars they are!!

And next we have the threats, followed by the very well crafted little phrase "we fear for our safety" when referring to the flotilla which is clearly armed with nuclear weapons, Oh sorry, that's Israel, forgive me!!

Yes, evil humanitarian Nazi boats, with medical supplies, a dentists office, playground equipment, toys, school supplies, school furniture, prefab homes for the homeless..... GASP, they're coming to exterminate us, shades of "never again" spread through the zio-population, OMG boats with Parliamentarians, journalists and peace activists, including other Jews (nice ones tho) like 85 year old Hedy Epstein, who, unknown to others, turns into a raving terrorist after 7PM. Be afraid, be very afraid......And these evil, dangerous boats filled with politicians (terrorists), journalists (terrorists with terrorist microphones) Jews (self hating brainwashed ones who are now terrorists) and holocaust survivors like Hedy Epstein (Israel wishes she hadn't survived) All these "terrorists" are coming no where near Israeli waters or shores, but are a grave holocaust-proportion danger to all Jews.

And the most recent tactic is not only well planned propaganda, but also serves a very nefarious and very dangerous hasbara purpose!! What is it? Why Israel has called in the IDF film producers and actors. They have created a "movie" of themselves (complete with English subtitles for the "target" Audience, just in case they kill a westerner or an American) In this video they are appearing to be civilised, saying they don't want to hurt anyone (this is in exact preparation of doing just that!) Remind you of anything? It does me. It reminds me of the same storyline they use when the subject of Tom Herndall or Rachel Corrie comes up. It's not poor little Israels fault they murder people, don't you know that only Israelis are victims and as such have a never ending "get out of jail free" card for all of eternity.

But on a serious note, this video was created to be spread around by the "Zionist Internet borg" prior to the Israeli pirates attacking the 10 ships and one or more of those 800 people getting hurt! But the reality is that if Israel would stay the hell out of International waters and away from the flotilla, stop creating confrontations,and stop attacking peaceful boats filled with politicians, journalists, "self hating" Jews and peace activists who are not even heading to Israel, then there'd be no risk to anyone, Israelis OR the Boats. But, Zio's don't think like the rest of us, it's not really about the people on those boats, or the aid on the boats, or even any "so called" security threat to Israel, in reality it's the dangerous mental affliction Zionists all have, that the Zionists can't ever be seen to loose, they must always "win" at any and all costs, even the cost of an innocent life. And the Zionists see these boats getting though to Gaza as them loosing. so they'd rather place 800 people in danger instead. Zionist logic at it's best folks!

So without further adieu, here's the movie production that Israel will use to help get them off when someone gets hurt: