27 May 2010



link International Court states to discuss how to prosecute leaders who start illegal wars. A top diplomat says the 111 member nations of the International Criminal Court hope to finally agree on how to prosecute leaders responsible for starting illegal wars when they meet next week in Uganda.
For the first prosecutions I nominate Israel, America and England who are the terrifying twisted trinity of tortuous tyrannical nations responsible for almost all wars on this planet.


link Israel Sees Lower Borrowing Costs as OECD Membership Dividend. “It’s as if before Israel was marketed through Wal-Mart and now it’s through Macy’s,” said Elah Alkalay, vice president of business development at IBI, a Tel Aviv-based brokerage. “It’s sort of a stamp saying that Israel is investment grade.”
Great chioce of words there from the Zionist speaking on behalf of Israel. Yeah, Israel is "investment grade", perhaps he is referring to "investment grade plutonium" from Dimona, Shhhhh don’t mention the nukes!!!But Israel already sees all the money it thinks it can save being within the OECD, no doubt to buy more weapons to kill people. You know Israel has got to be "secure" that translates into murdering everyone around it.

And what about this little agreement they were forced to make to the OECD:
As part of the process, Israel signed the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention, and adopted legislation on sanctions for bribing foreign officials.
Nice try at forward thinking by the OECD countries, but is that the funniest thing you ever read?? That’s like asking a pedophile to stay away from children. Seriously, we’re talking Israel here folks. This “No Bribing” agreement will be broken within weeks, possibly days, maybe hours, perhaps minutes, or has already happened. After all, it’s how the Israeli Government operates, see here and here and here and for all you Americans here.


And as we reported last week when we picked America for the "Israeli Ass Kissing" award, Obama continues his grovelling and sucking up to Israel with yet more OTT regalia:
link Obamas to mark Jewish Heritage month with reception. Some cynically call event part of ‘charm offensive’ to assuage tensions over Israel policy

Though no official guest list has been released, Jewish members of Congress, top communal leaders and key fund-raisers are expected to attend

Jewish officials welcomed the White House decision to hold a reception for the occasion, calling it a sign of the progress made in America and by the community

“It helps to emphasize how far we’ve come as a nation, and that Jews are a critical component of the country,” said William Daroff, director of the Washington office of the Jewish Federations of North America.

“It’s clear that in recent weeks the administration has recognized that it needed to do some damage control with the American Jewish community,” said Stuart Weinblatt, who was among the rabbis invited to the White House

“the White House has acknowledged that there is a charm offensive taking place with the Jewish community,” and that this celebration fits into that effort.

in any case, outreach had its limits when it came to perceptions of the Obama administration: “The true test will be how it deals with Israel and other international issues.”
Israel will never be satisfied, ever... Well, perhaps another few billion a year from American taxpayers might do the trick, coupled with a Whitehouse pledge to "All Hail The Zionists."