27 May 2010


Israel is currently building a massive white tented concentration camp where they will forcibly take 800 people, from many countries, including Parliamentarians, off their humanitarian boats, sailing on International waters. Israel has 40 buses standing by for transport to the Concentration Camp. Those who refuse to board the trains to the Camps,

I mean the buses to the camps, will be jailed. The Zionists will take the Passengers to the "camp" for QUOTE "identification and medical attention."
And Chemical toilets have been set-up and tents housing immigration booths and areas for people to be searched.
But that's not all, Israel says it is QUOTE "prepared for a military confrontation if necessary" now theres a surprise! Israel using military force against civilians, imagine that!! Remember British Citizen Tom Herndall

link Israel set up three massive white tents at its main southern seaport on Thursday to hold hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists who hope to breach Israel's 3-year blockade of the Gaza Strip.

The activists are headed toward Gaza's waters on board a flotilla carrying 10,000 tons of supplies. Israel says it won't let the eight boats reach Gaza's shores, and that it will deport or imprison the activists aboard.

The military said it would divert the boats to the Israeli port at Ashdod, where the activists will be taken into the tents for identification and medical attention.

Officials said 40 buses will be on hand to ferry them to Israel's international airport for deportation or to a nearby prison if they refuse to be deported voluntarily.

"We want to do this as quick and efficiently as possible," said Maya Kadosh, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman.

Israeli authorities said they will make every effort to avoid using force, but they were prepared for a military confrontation if necessary.
Israel claims it no longer occupies Gaza, that it withdrew in 2005. Yet Israel controls all aspects and blocks international humanitarian aid from traveling to Gaza or entering Gaza via open international waters. Israeli Lies Exposed again!