16 May 2010


Anyone with any doubt about Israel trying to steal all the land need look no further than this example I am posting about today. Israel does not want peace, they want to own 99.9% of Palestine, they want to fill it with so many Jews that there will be "no room at the inn" for ANY Palestinians, including the ones who already live there. At the moment they are spread just a bit too thin, what with all those squatter settlers all over Palestine trying to hold onto their stolen lands, it's just not enough, Israel needs help. So, their little Zionist brains come up with a plan to "entice" Jews who have left Israel, to hurry up and come "home." Yeah, spread that Zionist population right out, right over the remaining bits of Palestine, quick, hurry up, we need to get all we can before we might be forced into some Zionist restraining peace process and two state solution.

Note the comment below, by the "head of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption" Scary sounding title, like an Alien entity, standing by to re-educate and program you upon arrival.
"Israel has and always will be the home for every Jew, and certainly for every Israeli," said Sofa Landver, the head of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption. "Bringing Israelis home is an important Zionist task.
Always the home of the Jews? Seriously, see how easily they can lie? It's like 2nd nature, a character trait. So here's' the plan:
linkA new plan to encourage the return of some 15,000 Israeli expatriates from abroad received government approval on Sunday.

The plan, formulated by the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, consists of a marketing campaign aimed at expatriate Israelis as well as a package of tax, education and health insurance benefits for Israelis who have lived abroad for five or more years to return to Israel.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, around 750,000 Israelis currently live overseas, with around 60 percent in North America and 25 percent in Europe.

The ministry estimates that the new plan approved on Sunday will bring back 15,000 more Israeli expatriates.

The government will also provide a 30 million shekel budget for small business initiatives of returning citizens.
Now, I think many of that 60% living in America might just want to stay there, rather than live in some illegal prison called "Israel" all walled up because everyone around you despises you, where the entire world sees you as a pariah and threat to world peace, where you have to resort to jailing and censoring your scientists rather then telling the truth about your nukes, where there is a worldwide boycott against you, where your government and army are continually accused of war crimes against humanity, where you live in a state with "only" your kind, all just like you, except, of course, for those you see as lower life form slave laborers that you allow in to pick your fruit and shine your shoes.