29 May 2010


It’s not us, it’s you……….

So, the burning question that Israel and Israelis ALL want to know "Why do people hate us and hate Israel" The Answer? Because you taught us to hate you....

If I were Israel, I'd fire my PR Propaganda team!! Israel is about to make another grave PR mistake by attacking and stopping the flotilla. They can’t even see, that yet once again they are showing the world they have no compassion for human suffering and again teaching the world to hate Israel and confirming we are right to do so.

The lunatics who live in Israel suffer from a mental affliction which they can’t seem to recover from. It’s a side effect of the nationalistic Nazi like Zionism that the government and other self appointed messiahs have pushed for years, using the “holocaust” to fan the flames of imagined fears within it’s society. The whole thing boggles the mind to be honest. It’s like a massive induction campaign from birth into a “special” club, where everyone outside the club is dealt with in either one of two ways:

1. are they beneficial to the Zionist collective and their agenda. This is where America falls. America is beneficial to the collective agenda of the lunatics, so they are taught early on, in how to suck up and exactly how to spend the right money to buy US politicians, set up huge funded lobby groups to keep the bought and paid for cattle in line.

2. If they are not beneficial to the Zionist collective, then they are the enemy and must be dealt with accordingly. This could be anything from being branded as the ad-nauseum, no longer believed, Anti-Semite. To more violent acts of terrorism like in Gaza, Lebanon and soon to be Iran.

So those are the two choices, the only two choices ever seen by Zionists. useful vs non-useful. What they fail to grasp, and what their money cannot buy them is very simple and poses the greatest risk to them. Worldwide public opinion. Sure they can use their huge media control to skew the message in their favour, silence the other side, and smear other voices and opinions. But it’s just no longer working for them, and this is evident in public opinion of normal people who are not even activists or even pro-Palestinian!

Israel could discover the cure for all cancers tomorrow, and people would STILL feel disgust for the state of Israel. It’s about the behaviour of Israel, not its technical abilities or discoveries. And no amount of “hasbara propaganda” can change our perspective. That’s what Israel needs to understand. The world view can only be changed when Israel changes itself, it’s that simple!

People want to see a human side, people are sick to death of the fake attempts to sell Israelis and Israel like some Product, or new fangled “must have” thing. Since the genocide in Gaza we have seen so many of these blatant attempts, which are so over the top that they not only fail miserably, but further convince us Israel is guilty of hiding way too much.

Instead of genuinely dealing honestly with their problems they instead revert to the old ways of insulting us and try to use deceit and propaganda. Here are only two examples of the massive and many “failures” they used in their attempt to make the world forget all those dead Gazan children, all that destruction, the unrelenting illegal siege on Gaza. Two months after the genocide, remember Israel went around the globe dragging an actual beach from Tel Aviv, complete with sand from Israel? Imagine the cost of such a thing!! Setting it up in various countries, including New York City and Vienna. Complete with music and beach games and ice cream? This Hasbara stunt was particularly grotesque, because the genocide had just ended and the images of the injured and massacred were still vivid. But, to Israel it was a case of “out of sight, out of mind” however, unfortunately, the rest of the world did not agree and immediately saw the hasbara attempt as what it was, grotesque.

This is a prime example of the errors of Israel. They look at everything through a prism of how we can turn this into propaganda for Israel. Take the Haiti earthquake for instance, yet another failed propaganda attempt and it only served to further prove exactly what I’m talking about.

What they, the Israeli Government and their insane society and mega funded hasbara departments 100% fail to realise, is that no matter how much money they ever spend, it just won’t work. Why? Because we are not fools, and it is recognised as the heartless, soulless, de-human propaganda that it is.

The old reliable Holocaust is no longer being accepted as reason for Israel to be excused for its behaviour. The holocaust is fading in history, just like other historical massacres such as the Irish Famine which also killed millions, they become less real and with each generation it becomes less magnificent, less important. Less seen as a reason to pity Israel, and today it is being seen in a new light, people are now making comparison between Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and Hitler’s treatment of Jews in Germany.

Both myself and millions of others, remember watching the genocide on television, seeing the dead children being carried, limp, lifeless and dripping with blood, their parents shrieking to the heavens to ask “why?” At the VERY same time the Australian (not born in Israel) Government mouthpiece Mark Regev, who is one of the nastiest sub-human piece of work I’ve ever seen, appeared daily on our television, lying to us all. Telling us what we are seeing with our very own eyes is not really there, we are all wrong. Showing ZERO compassion for all those dead children, who were at the same time, on the same television screen, being rushed before our eyes to hospitals. Additionally he continued the same daily lies regarding the use of White phosphorous, again, being clearly shown on the same television screen alongside him with a White Phosphorous expert telling the world it IS white phosphorous we are seeing. "No" Regev tells us, we’re not seeing white phosphorous falling before our eyes, Israel does not do anything illegal and does not use white phosphorous on civilians. Again teaching us that Israel is incapable of telling the truth or having compassion.

Israel lost the PR war that very day. Each time Mr Regev appeared and continued to insult the intelligence of the viewers, he taught the world that Israel lies and cannot be believed. Each time he was asked “Do you have any sympathy for the children” to which he gave the typical response “What about the poor Israeli children” who, he was constantly reminded of, were not being bombed and dying. But still, not one word of compassion for the children, even the tiny babies, nothing. This taught us that Israel is a heartless soulless nation of self indulgent people who can only see their own imagined suffering, not the very real suffering of other human beings, less fortunate to be born elsewhere.

So, Israel only has itself to blame for how we view it, its society, and its government. Israel created the situation, it lied to us about what we saw, it insulted us about what we felt, and it taught us never to believe it or trust it in any situation. This is why no one believes Israel wants peace, their actions prove otherwise. And even today, Israel continues to do the same thing to us everyday, lie to us. Instead of telling the truth, they keep depending on the continued failed hasbara missions like the Tel Aviv beach, the Haiti disaster and so many others, to convince us into changing our minds about how we view them. And today they turn their mission to the Flotilla carrying humanitarian aid.

Israel's PR is a failed disaster, and continues to fail and only makes Israel look more and more desperate and pathetic. Just like Israel is about to do with the Flotilla, demonize it, call them terrorists, try to convince people Gaza does not need anything or any help, lie to us more, Israel. Sometimes the answer is simple, sometimes the answer is staring you right in the face, and for Israel that answer is to tell the truth, stop the hasbara, admit its mistakes, apologise for lying to us and step up to the plate and prove it wants peace. Invite the flotilla in, escort it to Gaza waters, it can't hurt you, you only perceive it can. By allowing it in you can begin to show the world some humanity for a change. Stop lying to us.

Make peace with your enemies! Sit down with ALL Palestinian parties, including Hamas, who funny enough holds the same position on peace and a two state solution that the UN and Obama want. Israel is the odd man out, not the Palestinians.

It’s simple, 67 borders, sovereign state, Shared Capital of Jerusalem. Go on then Israel, you say Hamas and the Palestinians don’t want peace, won’t stick to an agreement, prove it! Because here is a video below of Haniyah stating the very same position as Obama and the UN to no less than 60 politicians visiting Gaza only a few months ago, at the 3:50 mark are the terms of Peace and a Peace Process that Hamas supports:

Go on Israel prove it, prove the don't want peace, do the deal!!!!!