30 May 2010


Well, bad news folks. Here's my prediction;The Zionist have had a major victory already, they have managed to separate the important passengers, the dignitaries, the politicians, the famous people, from the Flotilla. Using Cyprus as their agent. Without these people Israel has more opportunity to be, shall we say "less welcoming" and "less fearful" of both attacking the boats and claiming all sorts of things about the passengers! Far easier for them to attack the ships without Politicians on board who can then go home and report to their respective countries of the treatment Israel handed out to the flotilla. So, no dignitaries or politicians to witness Israel's upcoming acts of aggression!

So now Israel must deal with all those journalists on board transmitting to news channels and live streaming internet sites. No worries, they have a plan. The Zionists will use electronic warfare to disable all transmissions and satellite navigation on the Flotilla, leaving them dead in the water, much like the USS Liberty! Journalists won't be able to report or transmit from the ships. Israel can do what it likes in secret. Then they will begin the attempts to board the flotilla, once they are sure all the transmissions are jammed so the world can't see what they are doing! Then everyone will be taken to the newly built concentration camp where they will be searched by soldiers and dogs, along with being threatened. I expect all cameras will be confiscated, film destroyed, as Israel will make every attempt to keep any videos or photos hidden or destroyed, again covering up their crimes.

today's update:

The Cypriot Govt has acted as an Israeli agent, in conjunction with Israel, to sabotage the Flotilla, laying a devastating blow indeed. All the major players, the dignitaries like Hedy Epstein, and the Parliamentarians, including Irish Aengus Ó Snodaigh TD Sinn Féin’s spokesperson on social and family affairs, housing, justice and international affairs, along with Chris Andrews TD Fianna Fáil, Senator Mark Daly Fianna Fáil were to board smaller boats to be taken to the larger flotilla passenger boat at sea. Here's what happened, followed by more updates:
Saturday, May 29, 2010

After tremendous pressure from the Greek Cypriots, reneging on their agreement with us http://www.cyprus-mail.com/cyprus/cyprus-stops-mps-joining-gaza-flotilla/20100529, we were forced to take our MPs and activists to Famagusta yesterday, on the Turkish/Cypriot side of Cyprus. We spent all day going from one port to the next, surrounded by helicopters and police. Clearly our deal with Cyprus officials had fallen through, and we ended up being pawns in a political soap opera. The Cypriot members of Parliament, the ones who had worked so hard to get us permission to leave, were outraged. The Greek Parliament members finally told us to go to the North. If they could, they would. The Cypriot government said they made their decision because, “The Republic of Cyprus is fighting for its survival” but it didn’t bow to pressure from Israel. As they said this, they bowed their heads.
We made a deal with the Cypriot government that we would board our high-profile passengers and members of Parliament from Cyprus. We would board with no media coverage. We would not bring our boats into Cyprus. We would take small boats out to our own ships and board past the 12-mile territorial limit.

Authorities mandated that we couldn’t even do that, essentially telling us that, even if we board small boats anywhere in Greek Cyprus from any port, we could not travel outside their territorial limits to go to Gaza. Twenty-seven people were supposed to board, including 9 Cypriots and two Greeks. None of them could come with us as we went North.

It has taken us all day to find someone on the Turkish side to ferry some of our passengers out to the flotilla who have been patiently waiting five hours away from Cyprus. At 6:00 pm, 20 of our passengers left for the flotilla, and the Swedish MP and the three German MPs are on board. Hedy is not, and we are heartsick that, once again, she will not be able to go to Gaza. source
Then this morning we heard this:
Aengus Ó Snodaigh TD Sinn Féin and Chris Andrews TD Fianna Fáil plus Senator Mark Daly Fianna Fáil headed home yesterday when organisers said group wouldn’t succeed in joining flotilla because of Cypriot gov actions. Police Helicopters, boats, plainclothes police along with port security were used to stop the group embarking. Turkish authorities didn’t seem willing to facilitate leaving from Famagusta late Friday. However,since then, some have managed to get out using one of the damaged boats to try to link up with flotilla. Ádh mór to them.
Additionally, more Irish have been given the treatment by Cyprus, at Israels behest:
Cypriot police stop the boat "Challenger 1"

The Challenger 1, Free Gaza passenger boat among the Freedom Flotilla, while holding for the other boats to join, close to Cyprus waters, has been contacted via radio by a Cypriot Police Helicopter. This video is recording the conversation. May 28th, 2010 Shane Dillon (Mate on Challenger 1) commented :
"it is rather shocking that an EU Country refused to let members of another EU Country's Parliament into its port on a humanitarian mission." Watch the video, this is an Irish Crew!! Still more after this:
Also, the dirty warfare has begun, Israel, using electronic warfare has disabled the satellite transmission of the boats and cell phones of people on board for several times briefly. I see this as a practice run for when the Flotilla nears Gazan waters. More after this:
all satellite phones on board had stopped working around 2 am, and said it was an external block placed on the lines.

The IDF had earlier announced it planned to disrupt the boats' communications as part of Israel's efforts to prevent the activists on board from speaking to the press. source
Now, sadly I see what's coming, don't you?