17 May 2010


I think they already are from the look of this photo:

Jewish National Fund says you should "Arm your children"
Preparing a new generation of liars, I mean propaganda spreaders:
link Now, arm them in a different way. It’s been proven that the most effective tool in raising children who care about Israel is to send them to Israel
Shall I finish that sentance? Send them to Israel to be inducted into the evil collective, and to join the IDF to murder Palestinian civilians. More, this time it's about censorship and propaganda:
Join JNF Moms for Israel. Arm our children, your children, with the knowledge necessary to advocate (spread lies and propaganda,cry Anti-Semtism and censor) for Israel on college campuses across the U.S.

JNF’s Moms for Israel campaign is arming our children. It is bringing pro-Israel advocacy programs to high school juniors and seniors to prepare them for what lies ahead.
And here is what they want to target:
Imagine this. A prestigious university in the United States with deep roots in the American Jewish community invites Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren to deliver its annual commencement address. But instead of pride, he is met with protest.
Imagine this. At campuses all over the country, protests and rallies are held against Israel during something called Israel Apartheid Week.

Imagine this. A pro-Israel speaker at a respected university was shouted down and heckled
And to the above I say THIS: