09 May 2010


Ooooooooh, the IAEA might look at Israels nukes, Wowzer:
link A report saying that “Israeli nuclear capabilities” have been listed as the eighth item on the provisional agenda for the June 7 board meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency would mean the UN nuclear watchdog would be taking an unprecedented step in its nearly 53-year history.

Pressure on the Jewish state to reveal its nuclear activities is gradually building as the West is seeking support among Arab nations in its quest to halt Iran’s nuclear enrichment programme

Israel, like Pakistan and India, has not signed the NPT, which is aimed at halting the spread of nuclear weapons, guaranteeing the right of all members to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and committing the original five nuclear powers – the US, Russia, China, Britain and France – to phase out their arsenals.
And This:
link The Obama administration's outreach to Iran has prompted some analysts to predict the United States will reassess its 40-year-old "don't ask, don't tell" policy toward an Israeli arsenal that is believed to include some 200 atomic warheads -- a grievance and perceived threat among many Arabs and Muslims.
Don’t get too excited, Israel is not a Happy Bunny and will give Obama a stern talking to by AIPAC and other Zionist politican handlers and owners:
But the Israeli official said the administration's attitude on this matter was so far "identical" to the line taken by its predecessors.

Those safeguarding the official reticence have frowned upon the very fact that Israel is being discussed at the NPT forum
And this is what will happen:
The inclusion (of Israeli nukes) was made at the request of Arab states. It could still be removed from the agenda if the US and other allies of Israel voice strong opposition, the Associated Press reported on Friday
SSDD=Same Shite Different Day scenario I'm afraid.