06 May 2010


In your dreams! Just look at what the poor Palestinians have had to work with for generation after generation. I mean seriously, talk about split personality, Israel is suffering form DID or Multiple Personality disorder, proof to follow, first this:
Signs and symptoms

Unexplainable phobias (fear of making peace with Palestinians)
Sudden anger without a justified cause (Gaza Genocide)
Lack of intimacy and personal connections (with the world)
Frequent panic/anxiety attacks (They all want to kill us!)
Auditory hallucinations of the personalities inside their mind (The Holocaust is coming agian!!!!! Kill all Arabs!!)
And finally the one they are displaying today; Multiple Personalities that are not similar to each other, Example below:
link Israel says ready for proximity talks

"The prime minister and his team have already completed all the necessary preparations for advancing the diplomatic process and will be happy to embark on proximity talks in Wednesday's meeting," a very senior Jerusalem official said. "We hope this will happen and that the Palestinians won't resort to evasion and delay tactics yet again."
Not so Fast....and in the same day this:
link Israel says talks to fail as US envoy visits

Indirect talks with the Palestinians are doomed to failure, Israel said on Wednesday just hours before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was to meet the US envoy over the stalled peace process.
I rest my case, they are nutters.