13 May 2010


I get sick and tired of hearing about Kadima being billed as Israel's "so called" centrist moderate party. No such animal exists I'm afraid. But hey, let's look at the "Moderate Centrist" Kadima party, just for fun:
link Kadima bill would outlaw NGOs that helped Goldstone Lawmakers aligned with the self-proclaimed centrist Israeli party Kadima have proposed legislation that would outlaw organizations that provided information to the UN Gaza Fact Finding Mission led by Richard Goldstone. The bill, which has the backing of 17 Knesset members from Kadima and parties to its right, would make it a crime to provide information to anyone who accuses the Israeli government or military of war crimes.
So, your voting choices in Israel are as follows:
1. Right Wing
2. Right of Right Wing
3. Right of Right of Right Wing
and then there is Lieberman's' party:
4. The so Far right We've Left The universe Party........