14 May 2010


Heads up all you freedom loving Americans. The "American Jewish Committee" for "Global Jewish Advocacy" are trying to get America to become like Canada and censor free speech.
link AJC expressed serious concern at the arrival in the United States of George Galloway. He is slated to speak at events hosted by American Muslims for Palestine and the Muslim Legal Fund of America in a number of locations, beginning in northern California on May 16.
And here comes the typical diatribe of Islamophobic fear mongering nonsense:
"Only a few days after voters ousted George Galloway from the British Parliament, has he returned to our country to seek additional funds for Hamas, which the U.S. government has designated a terrorist organization?" asked AJC Executive Director David Harris. "We trust the authorities will scrutinize Galloway's activities while here, since any money raised for and transferred to terrorist groups is a violation of U.S. law."
Shall I remind people that Hamas was elected in a Democratic election that was monitored by the international community, including the US of A? Even George Bush said with glee, we hail this democratic election, that is, until he saw who won. It's called democracy, you either support it or you support dictatorship, if you support democracy then you must accept the results, end of.