10 May 2010


Ooops, Israel forgot to disconnect the homing device on it’s White Phosphorous bombs
link A mysterious object that seemed to fall from the heavens onto a crowded beach near Tel Aviv turns out to have had more earthly origins.

The small burning rocklike object attracted plenty of curiosity when it landed last month on a beach in Bat Yam, south of Tel Aviv. Initially it was identified as a meteorite, but after high amounts of phosphorous were detected, experts have concluded it was man-made.

The object was reportedly first spotted by lifeguard Yisrael Rokach. "When I got closer I saw a small object that kept on burning and smoking. I immediately called my fellow lifeguards, who didn't believe me," "They came down and at the same time we called the police." Another lifeguard noted that the rock had an "odd smell" and continued to burn, even when it was submerged in water.

What the phosphorous-contaminated object might be is still unclear. White phosphorous, sometimes called Willy Pete, has a number of military uses, including as an obscurant or an illuminant, but it can also start fires when it hits something flammable. When it comes into contact with human skin, the result can be horrific burns.
And SURPRISE the British elect the Director of the “Conservative Friends of Israel” as MP, go figure...
link The political director of the Conservative Friends of Israel, Robert Halfon, has become an MP in Harlow after a 10 year campaign to enter Parliament.
Last Jew refuses to come to Israel, he enjoys living with his Arab brothers, which proves Israelis can co-exist when they want to:
link Zablon Simintov is always guaranteed the best seat in his local synagogue here, but the privilege comes with a downside: he's the last Jew in Afghanistan.

"My family call me all the time and say, 'Come here, you're the last Jew in Afghanistan, what are you doing there?' " he says. But Simintov says he is hardly in hiding. "They're all like my brothers here," he said of his fellow Afghans. "It doesn't make a difference whether I'm here or in Israel."
And in Washington, a double whammy. In one fell swoop, Obama rewards his Alma Mater Harvard for not making him write any papers whilst he was a professor, and also at the same time rewards Israel for pretending to talk peace, that’s two debts paid today:
link President Obama will reportedly nominate Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court. Kagan, 50, currently the solicitor general and a former dean of Harvard Law School, is the president's pick, NBC News reported Sunday evening.
Kagan would bring the number of Jews and women on the court to three: Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are Jewish, and Obama filled his first vacancy, last year, with Sonia Sotomayor.
Lastly, I bring you the “holocaust war” $$$$$$$$ just like the "Thunder Dome", two lists enter, only one comes out.........