11 May 2010


When Synagogues are attacked with graffiti it's worldwide front page news. Usually 20 more articles can be found on the same incident and the "Anti Defamation League" is shouting at the top of it's collective lungs. Immediately hundreds more articles are written, usually with theses types of headlines: "Rise In Hate Crimes Against Jews", "Jewish Fears of More Attacks" or "Jews Under Attack" then they invariably go on to say that they are being persecuted worldwide.

Now,compare to the following tiny minuscule local report, which does not even come up in a search, and as usual, flies totally under the radar because no one gives a shite in the mainstream media. After all, it's only Muslims and they don't matter:
link Worshipers at the Islamic Center of Northeast Florida are offering special prayers this morning after a small explosion and fire at the mosque Monday night.

"There was a lot noise outside," the center's Vice Chairman of the Board Ashraif Shaikh tells WOKV. "They opened the back door and there was fire outside." "worshipers heard a loud noise outside the mosque as preparations were being made for the evening (isha) prayer at about 9:35 p.m."

Tom Francis with JFRD says the arson unit was called to the mosque on the 2300 block of St. Johns Bluff Road around 10 p.m. and immediately discovered obvious signs of foul play, though Francis stopped short of saying what was found behind the Islamic Center, saying only it was "a combustible substance that had no business being here."

CAIR reports early last month a white man in his 40s entered the Islamic Center during prayer services and shouted "stop this blaspheming."
The man was chased away by worshipers, but was reported to say "I will be back."

"A possible bias-motivated attack on a house of worship should be of great concern to Americans of all faiths, and particularly to our nation's religious and political leaders," CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad said. "Those who shape public opinion must begin to speak out against the rising level of anti-Muslim sentiment in our society."
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