11 June 2010


Well, this is just the most insane thing ever, and the FUNNIEST THING ever!! Israel is depressed, poor little Israel. Major entertainers are cancelling their gigs again and again. No one wants to be associated with the evil rogue state, even more so after the Flotilla massacre. The pariah state is depressed, never mind, Israeli government to the rescue. How you say? Why they are giving a concert for themselves, to cheer themselves up. And no, I'm not kidding. How sad and pathetic these people are:
source Gov't plans mass 'morale lifting' concert. Culture Ministry, Tel Aviv City Hall organizing voluntary show meant to cheer up public following cancellation of foreign artists' performances. The international hostility toward Israel following the Gaza flotilla incident, along with the cancellation of many performances by foreign artists, prompted the government to organize a morale-lifting concert in Tel Aviv.

Ynet learned that the Culture Ministry and Tel Aviv City Hall were planning a massive concert meant to lift the national morale following the harsh consequences of the flotilla incident.
But heres' the best bit, the Israeli taxpayers will pay for it. So, in other words they are paying themselves to cheer up. Hard to type laughing so hard right now. here it is:
However, the large production is estimated to cost the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of shekels, and possibly millions