14 June 2010


In Ireland, we are not having it. This farce of an "investigation" into the murders of the Mavi Marmara civilians by the people who committed the murders and their newly added so called "international" observer pals. We have so much to "tell" about the "new friends" assisting Israel in the farce. So do check back tomorrow when we lay out all the surprises for you. But for now this:
link The Republic's minister for foreign affairs Micheal Martin will renew calls for an international probe into Israel's bloody raid on the Gaza aid flotilla when he meets with EU counterparts

Mr Martin has requested that the deadly May 31 attack be added to the agenda at the monthly gathering of foreign ministers in Luxembourg.

"The key issue on the foreign policy side is Gaza and the Middle East peace process, in the aftermath of the Israeli seizure of the humanitarian flotilla," a spokeswoman said.

"The Minister will stress the need for a credible, transparent international investigation of the events, and re-emphasise the urgent need for Israel to lift the blockade to ease the humanitarian suffering of the people of Gaza."

Meanwhile, campaigners have called for a boycott of Israeli goods until the blockade ends.