13 August 2010


Well, well, looks like Obama might get that big pre-election boost after all. You know his ratings are in the tank, the economy is shite and he needs a big-ass Obama miracle, and quickly! He's got to start running his re-election campaign very soon as the teabaggers are arming themselves and the neocons and Repugs are nipping at his ankles. He needs a serious popularity boost, some headlines filled with praise and worship to confirm he IS the the world's hero. Hmmmm what can he do, wave a magic O-wand and repair the world banking crisis and US debt, create immediate jobs for all those Americans, end the two useless wars. No, the "Big O" is looking elsewhere for his "miracle" and me thinks it has something to do with that "Nobel Peace Prize" joke, awarded to him for "future" achievements.

Flashback to July, remember this little ditty?
1. U.S. warns Abbas: Direct talks or lose backing for state.

2. An Arab League subcommittee on the Arab peace initiative is expected to support the Palestinian position of continued indirect negotiations with Israel, and not a move toward direct talks.

3.The PA has asked the monitoring committee to recommend allowing the U.S. shuttle diplomacy between Ramallah and Jerusalem run its course until September (Check those calendars, it's almost September folks!)and then consider the PA's future moves.
So there I was checking up on the news regarding the evil rogue state today, and at first glance of reading the "Malarkey" below, thought I found the tooth fairy and Santa Claus instead, BUT, then Satan emerged!! What am I talking about? THIS:
London-based al-Hayat newspaper quotes Ramallah sources as saying prime minister (Netanyahu) has prepared plan for evacuation of 50,000 settlers.
Yeah, I hear you laughing, tooth fairy right? Wrong, now it gets serious there's more, and pay close attention to the part I have made "bold"
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has prepared a "tempting" plan to be presented to the Palestinians in the direct negotiations, as part of which Israel will offer to withdraw from up to 90% of the West Bank, excluding east Jerusalem, the London-based Arabic-language al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper reported Friday.
Listen, can you hear that sound? That's the Whooosh of East Jerusalem going to Israel. And...............this nasty deal won't even be a final one, just merely a wee "agreement" not a "Final Peace Agreement" So the evil rogue state can come back at any time and re-populate all those 50,000 settlers right back into their former homes on Palestinian land. Because, after all, it's only a "temporary" agreement to confiscate the whole of Jerusalem. There's more:
"knowledgeable sources" in Ramallah as saying that the prime minister's plan will be in the form of a new interim agreement, similar to the 1993 Oslo Accords. According to the sources, Netanyahu informed the Western delegates he met with recently that the current situation was not right for reaching a final peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, and that he planned to present a proposal for a new interim agreement, which would be "extensive and tempting" to the Palestinians.
And what about that "Arab League subcommittee" mentioned earlier who were backing Abbas to "not" have talks with Israel? Well Catherine Ashton, the US Quartet member is all over this one:
link Abbas "has requested a few more days for final consultations with Arab partners as well as with the Fatah and PLO executive bodies," Ashton wrote, and "should be in a position to give a definitive answer by Sunday or early next week."
And lastly, what's the plan Stan?
One of the ideas raised by Netanyahu's associates, the sources said, was coming up with a formula linking the future Palestinian state with its temporary borders to Jordan.
And there you have it, Wa Laa, in one fell swoop you have Obama's big-ass miracle and re-election gift, the "future" nobel peace prize thingie, and Isarel is all happy with stealing the whole of Jerusalem, and poor Palestine gets the shaft again. Nakba #2 begins.