24 July 2009


New Report out ~Today Israeli Zionists are tightening their grip even MORE on our freedom of speech.Israel will use this to take the cause to America next. Very serious stuff to report today, we are loosing our right to free speech against Israel. A Zionist “think tank” in England that has US ties is submitting a report to re-define the term “Anti-Semitism” and make those “new terms” illegal. Sit down, take a deep breath and get ready to be stunned. I came across this recent 38 page PDF publication which is being submitted to the British Government from the European Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism (EISCA) the Zionist think-tank which sets out to “monitor” Anti-Semitism in the “World.” This will be used against the Government, the Media, Universities and hundreds of Pro-Palestinian organisations, not to mention blogs and any protests the public decide to hold against the Zionist state Military actions in Palestine.

This group has influential power within the British Government, indeed, one Rt Hon Denis MacShane, MP, is the Chairman of the group.

They have just delivered a “new” report In which they are “re-defining” Anti-Semitism to include just about anything one may say to criticize Israel. Such as Anti-Zionism; Holocaust denial and Holocaust related abuse; conspiracy theories; dual loyalty and the blood libel. More importantly, they take this one step further and are now including “Zionism” in this definition.

The report calls for the adoption of this new definition into law, which would then make it a “crime” to discuss or use any of the phrases, terms, arguments, theories or cases covered this new “definition.” They want the UK to adopt the EUMC (now the European Agency for Fundamental Rights [FRA]) definition of “anti-Semitism” so as to outlaw the use of the word “Nazi” when referring to Israel, its government, and Zionists. But that is NOT all they are after, there are many more “demands” which are quite shocking indeed, such as any conspiracy theories about Israel and 9-11, Zionism, or the Israeli Lobby in American Politics control in Washington. Additionally they want your Children to be “re-educated when they attend University (Sounds like Nazi’s to me!) They are also calling for media controls as well. Almost all criticism of Israel AND/OR Zionism will be “branded” as Anti-Semitism and illegal, so keep reading. This definition will target all aspects of discussion on the Israel/Palestine conflict, including media, universities, demonstrations, freedom of speech and much more. Here are excerpts of the new “Zionist Big Brother” PDF report:
The report of the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism drew attention to five themes of antisemitic discourse: anti-Zionism; Holocaust denial and Holocaust related abuse; conspiracy theories; dual loyalty and the blood libel. This report combines them into one overarching theme- playing the Nazi card.
So as we can see, every single aspect of this new form of censorship will now come under one all encompassing heading of "Playing The Nazi Card" So they are effectively lumping hundreds of very real and accurate criticisms against the IDF, the State of Israel, the Gaza Genocide, the Israeli Government and any one critical of Zionism into one little sentence with the word "Nazi" in it. How clever!! Therefore you MUST remember when reading this below that each time they use the phrase "Using the Nazi Card" they are including ALL of this as well: Any criticisms against the IDF, the State of Israel, the Gaza Genocide, the Israeli Government and any one critical of Zionism That is the danger in what they are attempting here folks. With that in mind keep reading:
In the case of the United Kingdom, the All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism recommended that the working definition be “adopted by the government and law enforcement agencies”.

When the Nazi card is played against the Israeli State, its leaders, its military practices, or its founding ideology of Zionism, it is clearly antisemitic.

Four different variants of the problem are examined in the report:
- The Nazi card as abuse against Jews.
- The Nazi card as abuse against the collective memory of the Holocaust.
- The Nazi card in the casting of Jews as conspirators and collaborators with the Nazis.
- The Nazi card manifest in discourse about Israel and Zionism.

Each of these variants of the Nazi card has harmful consequences that constitute a significant common denominator and the rationale for why this type of discourse needs to be addressed. (note that Zionism is now included in the Definition)
Placards carrying images of swastikas superimposed on the Star of David and the Israeli flag were commonplace in street-level protests about the recent Israeli military actions and the conflict in Gaza in December 2008 and January 2009. Allusions between Nazi genocidal practices and the activities of the Israeli state were also drawn in some of the speeches at protest meetings and press commentary on the conflict.
Richard Falk, the then incoming United Nations special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories, published an article in 2007 titled ‘Slouching toward a Palestinian Holocaust’ whereby, for instance, Palestinian territories have been compared to the “Warsaw ghetto”, Libya’s deputy UN ambassador, Ibrahim Dabbashi, reportedly drew a comparison between conditions in Gaza and the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. This occasion was not the first time officials associated with the UN had drawn parallels between Israeli military actions and atrocities committed by the Nazis.
The project’s aims were to:
● Identify and illuminate the main component parts of antisemitic discourse.
● Include an examination of how criticism of Israel and Zionism can crossover into and become polluted by antisemitism through the expression or assumption of core antisemitic concepts.

This report attempts to shift the focus of analysis of contemporary antisemitism onto new ground: away from labelling and defining the problem to an understanding of the consequences of discourse against Jews, Israel and Zionism.
One of the most challenging components of antisemitic discourse in general, and the discursive theme of the Nazi card in particular, concerns the problem of when the Nazi card is played against Israel and its founding movement, Zionism.

Playing the Nazi card refers to the use of Nazi or related terms or symbols (Nazism,
Hitler, swastikas, etc.) in reference to Jews, Israel, Zionism or aspects of the Jewish experience.

● It would be timely for the government to commission a rapid evidence assessment into the practical experience of using the criminal law against racist and antisemitic speech in countries where such provisions have been established.

● The Home Office, in consultation with the Association of Chief Police Officers and the Crown Prosecution Service, should prepare and issue guidance for police forces and crown prosecutors about the circumstances in which playing the Nazi card, and other forms of antisemitic discourse, amounts to unlawful incitement to racial hatred.
UK universities and colleges should be encouraged to debate and utilise the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC) working definition of antisemitism to inform their race equality and harassment policies.

● In seeking advice from scholars with experience in the matter, the government should commission and promote educational materials for university-level
lectures/seminars/workshops on Holocaust denial which examine how Holocaust denial in its explicit and more subtle manifestations constitutes antisemitic discourse

● The European Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism should produce a model statement that refutes the Nazi card point-by-point so that it can aid and inform those who seek to challenge it.(Soon the Government will be paying for these to be handed out to every kid at University!)
No more talking about AIPAC,the Jewish-Zionist Lobby, it's influence, Jane Harman affair, Israeli spies, all will be considered "anti-Semitic" soon:
It has been suggested that in recent discourse regarding the alleged role of Zionists or an Israel lobby in Western societies, the language and terms of reference used to depict their alleged actions has sometimes been reminiscent of language and themes similar to those identified by Klug when discussing the traditional depiction of the conduct of the mythical Jew. Zionists and
The Zionist lobby have periodically been depicted as conspirators, controllers of the media, and of wielding undue power and influence over governments. It might therefore be suggested that such sentiment, when echoing traditional antisemitic conspiracy theories but ostensibly targeting Zionists is likewise not grounded in any real sense of ‘what they are,’ but has similarly come to reflect a discourse of hatred against Zionists as ‘Zionists’.
In addition to such conspiracies that allege Jewish and Israeli hands behind major international calamities have been references to longstanding antisemitic conspiracy theories alleging orchestrated Jewish control of world financial markets.
And they are going after the Media:
The media in Britain have also played a hand in reproducing antisemitic conspiracy theories - even inadvertently. Most famously, the cover of the 14January 2002 edition of the New Statesman used a large glistening golden Star of David piercing a prostate Union Jack and the words ‘A kosher conspiracy?...Britain’s pro-Israel lobby’.

The Press Complaints Commission should be encouraged to utilise the EUMC working definition of antisemitism to inform guidance in its Code of Practice

● The National Union of Journalists at national and branch level should be encouraged to debate and utilise the EUMC working definition of antisemitism to inform guidance about how particular discourse can lead to hatred or discrimination against Jews.

● The Press Complaints Commission should be encouraged to utilise the EUMC working definition of antisemitism to inform guidance in its Code of Practice about how particular discourse can lead to hatred or discrimination against Jews.

● When the Nazi card is played as abuse against Jews individually or collectively, it involves a discursive and targeted hurtful act of raw explicit insult and potentially serves as a threat of future violence.
So, How insane is that statement, they are calling for a law to be passed to stop a violent crime that may not take place, or has not taken place yet? So perhaps we should start arresting people who "may" in future commit a crime because of their thoughts and opinions? ZIONIST BIG BROTHER STATE COMING SOON TO YOU
● When the Nazi card is played as abuse against the collective memory of the Holocaust, the offender ‘de-Nazifies’ the role of the Nazis and casts Jews as conspirators.

● When the Nazi card is played by casting Jews as conspirators and collaborators with the Nazis, Jews are portrayed as beneficiaries of Nazi genocidal policies.

● When the Nazi card is played against Israel and Zionism, Israel as a state is cast in the role of the Nazis with Palestinians cast as victims of eliminationist policy and practice.
So in the above statements they make it crystal clear, the “Holocaust” excuse will “never” end. In other words, there will never come a time when it can be viewed as a historical event, and there will never come a time when you can be critical of it, or have an opposing opinion of that historical event. Now, to effectively rule that people cannot have their own opinions or questions, no matter how far out, is just another form of Big Brother Control of the masses by Israel world wide. Taking that one step further, what about people who believe that 9-11 was an inside job and that Jews were involved. So, that “form” of thought will also be outlawed as illegal. SEE HERE:
In the aftermath of several recent international terrorist attacks, allegations of Jewish conspiracies spread. Since the events of 9/11, antisemitic conspiracy theories have variously alleged that Jews or Zionists were responsible for the attacks or were aware of the attacks in advance. Together with such allegations has been the suggestion that thousands of Jews were secretly warned not to arrive at work on the day of the 9/11 attacks.
Conspiracy theories about Jews have historically provided the mainstay of antisemitic discourse. New conspiracies are promoted with varying malevolence often in reaction to prevailing social, political and economic calamities. Once given life, the conspiracy theories become part of the everyday ideology and discourse of what it is to be a Jew.
Can't have the truth about the Genocide in Gaza being reported in public, people may find out the truth!AND THEY WILL BE GOING AFTER BOOKS AS WELL, SO WATCH OUT:
In one of the earliest British contributions to the Holocaust-denial literature, Did Six Million Really Die? The Truth at Last,38 published in 1974, Richard Harwood claimed that the “deception” committed by “the Jewish people” had brought an “incalculable benefit” in that the “alleged extent of their persecution quickly aroused sympathy for the Jewish national homeland they had sought for so long”.

“The language is significant - ‘hoax’, ‘swindle’, ‘racket’ -
All in themselves implying ‘Jew’ through the historical accumulation of antisemitic connotations (money grabbing, Jewing, Shylock, etc.)”.41
PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION (also will be illegal)
The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and Henry Ford’s The International Jew, are exemplars of such a depiction of the Jew. And more recent conspiracy theories about Jews manifest this malevolent discursive characterisation.
● Making mendacious, dehumanising, demonising, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective - such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.
LOOKOUT, that sweeping statement covers everything about the Zionist Lobby's control inside America. So, will we see books such as THIS by JOHN MEARSHEIMER and STEPHEN WALT and books like THIS by James Petras becoming illegal under the guise of "Anti-Semitism"?? MORE...
● Accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust.

Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations.
Don't you love that one? If it was even remotly NOT true we'd not have AIPAC, ZOA, ADL and hundreds of other "lobby" groups contolling America and it's worldwide policies! They advocate for ISRAEL not AMERICA. AIPAC spies and Jane Harman anyone? Sadly there's more:
● Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g. by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavour.

● Using the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism (e.g. claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterise Israel or Israelis.

Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.
Please pass this post on...If you are NOT Angry then you are NOT paying attention. BIG BROTHER is already here, in the name of worldwide Zionism! READ IT ALL HERE
written by irish4palestine


Greg Bacon said...

Israel sure is touchy about that 'Nazi' thing.

But the Jews did collaborate with the Nazis, here's proof:

In 1940, Lehi proposed intervening in World War II on the side of Nazi Germany. It offered assistance in "transferring" the Jews of Europe, in return for Germany's help in expelling Britain from Mandate Palestine. Late in 1940, Lehi representative Naftali Lubenchik was sent to Beirut where he met the German official Werner Otto von Hentig. Lubenchik told von Hentig that Lehi had not yet revealed its full power and that they were capable of organizing a whole range of anti-British operations.

On the assumption that the destruction of Britain was the Germans' top objective, the organization offered cooperation in the following terms: From the NMO side: full cooperation in sabotage, espionage and intelligence and up to wide military operations in the Middle East and in eastern Europe anywhere where the Irgun had Jewish cells, active and trained and in some places with weapons. From the German side, the following declarations and actions were demanded: (1) Full recognition of an independent Jewish state in Palestine/Eretz Israel (2) That the ability to emigrate to Palestine be conceded to all Jews, with no restriction of numbers, who, in leaving their homes in Europe, by their own will or because of government injunctions. For this purpose there was expressed a need to cancel any transfer plans of Jews to distant countries like Madagascar.


So the ZOG wants to make truth illegal?

And to wipe out the past?

Anonymous said...

What will happen if we just help each other and the Palestinians and also simply ignore those who are against the basic right of humanity to live in peace and harmony in this small world that belong to our children and their children.

Just a thought and tired of these anti-semi... talks.

Nani Cheras, Malaysia

Maasanova said...

It's amazing that the British government is spending all this time and energry with all of it's problems.

What is the Jewish population of the UK again?

I4P Writers Group said...


"What is the Jewish population of the UK again?"

It is not so much the number, it's the funding from Israel and the power they have. In the USA it is only 2% of the population, but look at the power AIPAC, ZOA, ADL and hundreds more other smaller orgs all of which are lobby groups for Israel...........

Anonymous said...

The greater crime is not trying to stop a friend when headed down the wrong path. As far as constructive criticism for Israeli Jews goes, they have a tendency to ignore the obvious to the point they are now so crazy and dillusional with the power they know they have over the world's leaders, that they think they can force God itself to let them do whatever the hell they want.

So none-Jews have no business ever pointing fingers at them, for they are now above the laws of us ordinary humans. I mean, how much clearer can the message get? They are seeing themselves as gods.

God is going to allow them to destroy themselves by their own ego's.

Greg Bacon said...

Anytime a Rabbi wants to see the face of God, all he has to do is look in a mirror.

Anonymous said...

These rules are perfectly reasonable ones for a dictatorial Zionist Empire. There are only two kinds of people, good Zionists and evil Nazis. The evil Nazis have no rights and deserve to be stamped out. I'm sure we can all agree on this self-evident truth. Certainly, our children will never be able to think outside of this box.

Anonymous said...

This whole idea of criminalizing thought is disgusting. It might work for a short time, but ultimately it will give all Jews a bad reputation as anti-free speech. I can't believe how stupid the Jewish elite are because they never consider these types of unintended consequences. Their grandchildren will be ashamed of them, and will turn against the religion.

CravenFoolishness said...


Israel finally admits they are the New World Order.....

That they are the evil ones, and that the truth as poison as it is to them, must be outlawed forever....

I suppose Israel's infiltration of the Vatican story will now become illegal as well?

Or its dumbing down of the christian churches, its corruption of the Cup?

Or how about......slaughtering defenseless people daily. Installing police state laws everywhere.

I'm sickened by this revolting development.....

Look in the mirror Israel, you've already lost........God has told you your evil is over....

The Federal Reserve.........over. You can try making it all illegal, but we'll still talk about it in private, & in the end....

The only one you're fooling is yourself; look into the mirror for once & see why you are so afraid.....

Fear runs your life.....Not love. Pure fear....We will never be the same as you.

Genie said...

It will be like the emperor's new cloths. BFD. People will invent slang. These Zionists are utter buffoons as well as liars, thieves and murderers. If they didn't kill people one could almost laugh at the absurdity of them.

Anonymous said...

This is mind-blowing! Will it be discussed in the Commons before it is 'slid' into law?

An EU Court of 'Justice' has already outlawed boycotting Israeli goods and products, according to this article here:


The problem with the main political parties is that there is no difference between them as far as Israel is concerned. All the party leaders sing from the same hymn sheet! So this 'recommendation' has a very real possibility of being made into law no matter which one of them sits in Downing Street!

Tom Dennen said...

Following the ’sovereign’ money paper trail, it seems there is a war between the Capitalist privately owned banking system and government-issue sovereign money, which is issued interest-free.

Private Capitalists throughout the world capture individuals, nations and countries in debt mortgages, lending more money just to pay interest on original loans.

The American colonies used sovereign money, stopped by the British Banking Act in the 1770s.

The Guernsey Islanders used it successfully after the Napoleonic wars in 1815.

Lincoln’s Greenback Dollar was sovereign – he refused to borrow private bank money at 39% for the Civil war.

Kennedy’s Silver Certificate was also sovereign, and issued by the government.

Both Lincoln and Kennedy were assassinate and almost immediately their sovereign currency taken out of circulation.

The one outstanding use of sovereign money was Germany’s sovereign Mark issued in 1933 when the country simply could not borrow money nor plunder colonies.

In four years Germany was the most powerful economy in Europe, before any rearmament.

I do not think this issue is about Jews. It is about the power of money used properly: To employ, empower and educate the people not put them into the slavery of debt mortgage..

I do not think the global banking system wants anyone to take too close a look at sovereign currency, how it works and the power it has to free people.

I believe that ‘The Holocaust’ is simply bank PR made up to (almost successfully, green shoots of truth are here)create a victim people and, the demonize a person and a country that showed the proper use of sovereign money.

The mess the world is in today is a direct cause of private banking manipulation of money markets and its aim is global debt mortgage.

Anonymous said...

I always found it interesting that Jews, who make up about 1/4 of 1% of the global population, are tied to a large percentage of the world's problems. The argument is easily made that if it were not for Israel that there would be no terrorism against the US and its allies. Not that the US has necessarily treated the Arabs very well in the past, it is of course in the end about oil. In the US, Jews are in government in disproportionate numbers far greater than .25%. Greenspan (in the past), Geithner, Bernanke, Chertoff, and their ilk are in high level positions manipulating everything. And Jews are clearly in control of Hollywood and the American media.

Permit me to issue and control the money of the nation, and I care not who makes the laws. ~ Mayer Anselm Rothschild, Banker

Anonymous said...

C'mon, not ALL Jewish people are bad, but making all of this illegal is.

I4P Writers Group said...


Totally agree with you.

There are a great many Jewish people who are working hard for Palestine's right to freedom and a state of their own. Unfortunately these people dont get much airtime or attention, except when the zionists are attacking them for being "self hating jews"

Anonymous said...

"great many jewish people working hard for Palestine "?

Like, a dozen : Atzmon, Finkelstein, Pappe, Desert Peace and 4 rabbis from N.Karta.

Let's not exaggerate.

Anonymous said...

Strange how none of the claims made thus far in this blog about Israel or the Jews in general along with the claim Israel/the Jews is workin on ways to ban free speech can be verified anywhere outside of either conspiracy theory site, Right wing anti-semetic sites or out and out pro-Palistinian sites. Really, give it a go.

All rather sad really.

You want freedom? Try being an 18 year old Palistinian girl that doesn't want to marry a man chosen by her parents, and please dont insult my intelligence by saying they are free to court and walk for strolls along the beach and have a quickie behind the bushes........ Something most westerners have down at some point. And what is she were gay? (My guess here is she would run off to israel and seek asylem as 126 men and women did last year for that reason....)

The Muslim Palistinians don't like westerners or their ways, they put up with them to win something,,,,,

I4P Writers Group said...

Well howdy there Mr Anonymous Zionist Hasbara Spreader;

You said:
Strange how none of the claims made..…..

I say:
Guardian are reporting on this as well
a Pro Israeli Jewish writer not impressed with what they are attempting to do either by re defining Anti Semitism to include such things as 9-11 conspiracy theories, Jews controlling the world banks and a multitude of other things that constitute *free thought* no matter if you AGREE with it or NOT. AND it allows scumbags like you to write trash about muslims. Equality sucks doesn’t it mate? Rality check; go to Google, type in “Jews” now TRY to type the word “control” next to “Jew” in the box, before you get past the “t” the automatic results appear, not good, OH MY! That’s what people think of you, Good Job! You should really give a THANK YOU to all “self hating Jews” like Norman Finkelstein, Gilad Atzmon, Mondoweiss and Desertpeace, Perhaps if there were more of them your Google results would be better.

You said:
You want freedom? Try being an 18 year old Palistinian girl …..

I say:
Well, Israel has some pretty nasty customs as well. Torture, internment, mandatory entrance into the IDF for men and women, racist laws against marrying outside faith. Muslims problems are for them to sort out, and they don’t want to be westerners, why should they? Yes, all Palestinians want to come to Israel so they can be 2nd class citizens ROFL, like these poor couples:

This means that “Arab Israelis”—about 20 percent of the Israeli population—who marry Palestinians from the West Bank or Gaza Strip must choose between moving to the occupied territories, or living apart from their spouse


Israeli woman denied social benefits for visiting Palestinian husband http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1094651.html

you said:
The Muslim Palistinians don't like westerners ,,,,,

I say:
when ALL ELSE fails, scaremonger. The Bush years are over, people woke up after the gaza genocide by the 4th largest army with nukes, enough of Israel’s rogue behaviour welcome to reality.

You mean they don’t like things such as; loose morals, porn, the divorce rate, children growing up with out fathers and running the streets, drug abuse, the gluttony, the over indulgence, the alcohol abuse , a culture that worships money, all of those western things? Good for them!

Finally, look at thousands of blogs like this one, many began right after Gaza. You made millions of enemies out of individual people worldwide, you cannot put the Jeanie back in the bottle, the images of the Gaza Genocide will never fade from our memories, like the holocaust for you, we will never forget………………..that is your reality now Sir.

Anonymous said...

(1) I was brought up as a religious Jew but firmly dissociate myself from Zionism.
(2) If being Jewish condones the incineration of innocent children with white phosphorus, I am a proud antisemite.How dare Zionists perpetrate this horror in the name of MY Judaism?
(3) I entrusted my life savings to someone BECAUSE he was a religious Jew, and he embezzled all of it at exactly the time of Madoff.I don't care if generalising is stupid, I now try not to have any financial dealing with Jews.

PlanetMichelle said...

RE:Try being an 18 year old Palistinian girl that doesn't want to marry a man chosen by her parents, and please dont insult my intelligence by saying they are free to court and walk for strolls along the beach and have a quickie behind the bushes........

I guess it figures your kind thinks everyone wants to be just like you. Immoral ass. Keep it in Israel so when Israel goes there is none of the garbage scattered.

Kosta said...

"Israel sure is touchy about that 'Nazi' thing." (Greg Bacon)

But their association goes back before 1940, as you cite.
1933 (at least) in fact... "A Nazi travels to Palestine"; they even struck a commemorative medal.

This is exactly the kind of information they want buried; and so far they have managed to do it just fine without even implementing legal instruments.


Steve Johnson said...

Excellent article. The warnings are being sounded. Love the writings and the amazing research..

The alarms are going off. Like a bad gambler all bets are doubled or nothing as the zio-criminals are going for total censorship over what we read and write and see and learn.

Interestingly, there is a way to expose these creeps.

Australian B'naii B'riith have recently begun attacking websites with they find "offensive" Here is a sample call to get to the bottom of it all..

One thing that cockroaches DON'T like, is when the light goes on and exposes them for all to see.

;-) And that's where they FAIL MISERABLY. They cannot hide themselves in the light even for an interview...

Anonymous said...

it is not "the jews" but it sure as hell is the jewish banking mafia....of which the leaders are only a few families/tiny percentage of jews...and a lot of jewish, irish, etc...who play along/close their eyes cause that is where the easier money is

Tom Dennen said...

Zionists are at the bottom of all anti-Semitic nonsense.

Jews cobble shoes and make jewelery, Zionists are anti-Semitic political Capitalists who create open air prisons like Gaza.

Not good.

I have dedicated my life to end their evil and all I have is words.

Greg Bacon said...

Muslims don't like Westerners?

Gosh, I wonder why?

The US is nothing more than Israel's bitch and we slavishly follow that Apartheid's nightmare every dictate.

We invaded Iraq based on lies. We invaded Afghanistan based on lies.

We're now bombing the hell out of Pakistan, again because of lies, many of which come from the Zionist controlled MSM.

Anytime Israel starts feeling bummed out, it invades Gaza or Lebanon or Syria and murders civilians by the thousands so they can feel good about being Jewish.

And we're being told a bunch of damned lies AGAIN about Iran, which Israel wants us to bomb the hell out of.

And we in the US not only condone that murderous activity, we cheer it on and supply Israel with more bombs, bullets and shells to really do a thorough job... and MONEY.

Plus, we hold up cease-fire resolutions in the UN, so Israel can finish 'giving birth' to insanity.

So gee, I wonder why Muslims don't like the USA?

Anonymous said...

That fake semite, ashkenazi khazar international terrorist rathole formerly known as Palestine will be going bye bye before they know it.

And all their "coalition of the willing" terrorist states lead by America and England won`t get away unscathed either.

Their third world war will be their last.

I4P Writers Group said...


Thanks for stopping by and showing the world how evil you people are and that you are incapable of being rational or being reasioned with. Which, is exactly why the world will force you into submission.

your days are numbered

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