27 August 2009

Israel Says “Kiss My Ass” Obama Says “OK”

Did You Really Think It Would Happen?

Middle East Peace, a FAIR and EQUAL deal for Palestinians? Two words, “wise up.”

Obama has been blowing bubbles up the arse of Arabs (and the rest of the world) for months now. And the mask has been slipping but now it’s fallen to the floor.

The “Evil Had Landed” in England a few days ago and I watched Netanyahu the Chosen one parade like a puffed up peacock outside of number 10 Downing Street. And as soon as he had his face in front of the cameras he just couldn’t contain himself, he practically shouted with smirking glee when confirming the mighty "ass kissing" that had obviously occured inside “No Freeze in Jerusalem” and my personal favourite load of bollox “Jerusalem is not a settlement” and of course “Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel”

This being the utter antithesis of the Obama policy for the Middle East Peace Plan, what retort do we hear from the “Whitehouse?” Why this one: “The US has dropped a demand that Israel freeze settlement construction in East Jerusalem, the Palestinian capital” and “citing Israeli officials and Western diplomats, reported that US Envoy George Mitchell capitulated to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s refusal during their meeting in London on Wednesday. “ And if you look closely you can see the lip marks on Netanyahu’s arse from Mitchell’s lips. And if you listen closely you can hear the death knell of a real Palestinian state.

So what’s Obama managed to get for all the phoney rhetoric, fake threats, scripted and staged stand offs? Well, let’s see:

Obama got this:“Netanyahu offered Mitchell a nine-month freeze on settlement construction in the West Bank excluding Jerusalem.” Which is a limited “freeze” on “some” settlements, for a “limited” amount of time. Most likely enough time for Obama to attempt a “Snake Oil” sell to the public on what a selfless move Israel has made for peace. Are you bending over yet?

And Obama got this regarding East Jerusalem: “In addition, Netanyahu wants to exclude 2,500 housing units on which construction has already started, and the construction of schools and other structures in the settlements.” Start bending over……..

And Obama got this: “Israel is demanding that the Palestinian Authority and Arab states make their own concessions in exchange for a freeze. If these measures are not take, the report says, Israel wants guarantees that the US will not oppose an end to the freeze and further settlement construction.” Yes, the Arab states and the Palestinians must lick Israel’s arse immediately, or else the “limited” freeze in tiny “selected” unimportant areas will go “bye bye.” As if they mattered in the least. Bend over.

So, are you wondering how the meeting in London ended? Here ya go: “At the end of the London meeting Netanyahu and Mitchell issued a brief Joint Statement saying that they “had a very productive meeting today where the full range of issues was discussed.” It ended with Mitchell’s lips on Netanyahu’s Zionist arse, that’s how it ended and that’s what America got….nothing. So, why this outcome? Because the people of America just have not figured out yet that Israel controls their country, always has and always will. Until the American people wise up and start voting for Politicians who promise to put America and the Worlds best interests FIRST. source link


Greg Bacon said...

Just what is an 'Israeli housing settlement?'

Is it one house? Is it one apartment complex?

Or is it a 200 acre subdivision?

Great news for Israel. Israel will agree, verbally, of course, to stop for 9 months any new settlements and the agreement will be vague, with no enforcement or oversight mechanism.

In return, Israel will grant the USA to privilege of wrecking Iran's economy... for starters.

As soon as Iran's economy comes crashing down, Israel will call off the agreement, citing some 'false-flag that the Shin Bet pulled off as an excuse to withdraw from the agreement.

Michelle said...

Well I told you so. I know I keep saying that. It's just that I keep seeing the same old snakeoil sales pitch come back around and the trusting souls that buy it until they realize what it is. But it goes around and comes around and back again. Now that Palestine is nearly gone I suppose the next pitch will be that the Palestinians will be safe in Jordan where they belong, and I suppose we are suppose to be relieved for them.
Don't you just love that smirk cemented on Nateyahoo's face as he tells us in all seriousness that he is all for a Palestinian state and peace blah blah but Palestine has to be demilitarized? I've heard all this before too.
Say Irish, do you still support J-street and their pro peaceful Israel/Palestine position? Because that's not happening and never will. Just wondering if you've come that far yet. There will never be peace as long as Israel exists! I realize it means a hard end to the saga. Like some earth shaking movement that will bring the bottom of the lake to the top. I don't really think that far into it, I just know the time will come.
With the Kennedy history on TV these days, which I love, my (Palestinian) husband just discovered that the Kennedy clan is Irish! He mentioned that the Irish are pro Palestine, but wondered is it a new thing because of their own struggle or were they pro-Palestine always?

I4P Writers Group said...


although it is more complicated than this, here is the short answer:


Tiocfaidh ar la
our day will come

Michelle said...

Irish, thank you for taking me to that post which was beautifully and passionately done. Hanky time!

After I read it I brought it up to my husband after dinner and we had a long discussion about it. First off we were trying to go back in time and remember what we knew about the Irish/British/Protestant/Catholic thing going on since we were pretty young at the time. I mentioned to him that, especially in light of that post you linked me too, you understand that the occupiers have to be really gone, not half gone, in order for the wrong to be righted.
But of course there is more to Israel/Palestine since the second generation Israelis ARE home, what to do about them? I guess this is where J-street comes in. Hopeful. They have to have a position too, after all.
But realistically, Israel will have to go the same way it came. There is no half way. The victors of 2 world wars created the world as we know it. It will take a world war to change the world again, and who knows what that will actually bring. Israel could ally itself to the next victors and there may never be a Palestine.
For sure there will never be a 2-state because that is not what Israel is all about.It wasn't created in the first place for compromises. It would defeat the whole purpose.Probably the rest of the Palestinians are going to end up in Jordan. The leaders of Israel are the offspring of Irgun, our US Chief of Staff is Irgun offspring. That is outrageous! I mean really, it beats all! Zionists are all in their places in DC! There will never be any deal for Palestine or the Palestinians. Not out of Israel. Not out of the US.
But it's enough to stand for what's right without expectation, for the mere gratification of doing so. The kid who throws a stone at an IDF tank, he is not out to win anything, he is saying F you to Israel. That's what we are all doing. We are yelling boooo! and throwing rotten tomatoes and stinking cabbage! We can't force them to do anything, but we can socially isolate them. We can make them feel how detested they are, how despicable we think they are. We can make them know that they are not fooling us with their idiotic peace deals! We can let them know that WE KNOW they are murderous vampires...organ robbers etc! No one will be brought to account but so what? WE KNOW!
To hope for a 2-state deal is, well, unrealistic. Not only will it never happen but it makes fools out of the hopefuls because that's what Israel wants. They want to give hope so that everyone is placated as they steal more land! They will do it anyway but why let it go quietly? And a 2 state is just WRONG. Why pretend that's it's ok?
It won't happen anyway so we can afford to be honest, there is nothing to lose! Besides, Israel has no dignity and we will constantly remind them, and dignity means more than land,money etc etc etc! Let them hide behind their stupid wall of shame! One day the sword of Damocles will drop
on them and everyone will cheer!
I'm sorry this turned out to be a speech...when it comes to Palestine it always happens with me...I can't shut up! We are mutual comrades, Irish... long live Palestine!

primerica insurance said...

Middle East Peace, a FAIR and EQUAL deal for Palestinians?
well it could happen, but not with the arrogant attitude of israeli government. lorne

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