26 March 2009

BREAKING NEWS~Hamas Arrest Gunmen Who Fired at IDF

Breaking story From Ynet:

Islamic Jihad sources said Thursday that Hamas detained a senior Jihad operative who headed the cell which fired on IDF forces near the Kissufim crossing, earlier in the day. According to the sources, efforts to have the man release proved futile

And more on this story here:

Hamas nabs Islamic Jihad gunman behind attack on IDF

Al-Quds Brigades cell opens fire at Israeli army outpost on border fence; short while later Hamas security detain Jihad man suspected of planning attack

Islamic Jihad gunmen opened fire noon Thursday on an IDF outpost situated along the security fence separating Israel from the Gaza Strip. There were no reports of injury among the soldiers, who returned fire.

A short while later Hamas security personnel apprehended a gunman suspected of heading the Islamic Jihad cell that carried out the attack. The man was transferred to Gaza City for interrogation. Hamas has accused him of "firing towards Israeli territory during a ceasefire."

A senior member of Islamic Jihad's armed wing, the Al-Quds Brigades, told Ynet that his group was unsuccessful in convincing Hamas to release the suspected cell leader, adding that Hamas security personnel "are not supposed to detain members of the resistance."