23 March 2009

Israel Killing Palestine Without Weapons

UPDATE On the Water Issue. I wrote about this the other day HERE, this is a very important issue. Israel controls most of the water into Palestine and Gaza. Israel also steals ¼ of Gazan water for its illegal Zionist settlers. What this means is that only 9000 Israeli Zionist settlers consume a whopping ONE QUARTER of Gaza’s water. This translates into only about 10% of Gaza’s water being drinkable. Read more below:

President Abbas: Israel Can’t Continue to Control Trans-boundary Water

ISTANBUL, March 21, 2009 (WAFA)- On the Fifth World Water Forum and World Water Day, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said, Saturday, that “Israel must now realize that it cannot continue to control the Palestinian people and with it, it cannot continue to unilaterally control trans-boundary water and other resources.”

In a statement read on his behalf by the Head of the Palestinian Water Authority Dr. Shaddad Attili, President Abbas said that for almost 42 years, Israel has been in control over Palestinian water resources, and has not shared them equally with Palestinians as required by international law. “Palestinian domestic consumption of water is 4 times less than the Israeli’s, which is less than the World Health Organization’s guidelines for minimum recommended daily levels,” the President added.

President Abbas expressed his disappointment about Israeli colonizers’ use of water, as 9000 Israeli colonizers consume one quarter of the whole consumption of Palestinians in the West Bank, besides the destruction of Gaza water resources. Only 10- 20 % of water there is drinkable.

Regarding the case of Jordan River Basin and other trans-boundary waters including the coastal aquifer underneath Gaza, Abbas said “I am pleased to announce, today, our intention to become a party to this treaty once we have attained statehood. Furthermore, we urge other states that have not yet ratified the UN Convention to join us and the other 16 countries in accepting this fair system of cooperating with regard to the vital resource we celebrate today.”

The UN Convention aims to conserve and manage ground and surface water resources by compelling an obligation on UN member states to share water and cooperate on water-related matters fairly. It provides that the member states negotiate or find a third party agreement.


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Barbara L said...

"Does it really matter how we kill them? Just let's get it over with as silently and as deadly as we can be. The only good Palestinian is one who is dead or moved to another place."

THIS is the mentality of the oppressors. Oooops, occupying forces. This is basically what was done at Masada was it not? And how did that turn out eventually?

I have been saying, the more I learn about this horrid struggle, the Talmudic zionist blankety blanks (I cannot think of a publishable word that is vile enough!) the more I realize that they have covered EVERY SINGLE BASE to erase Palestinians off the map.

There is not ONE thing they have overlooked in their sick drive for world domination, and YES, this is only part of it. In the long run, we are ALL Palestinians.

When you learn how the B'nai B'rith, an Illuminati band of thugs working from the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, opened the door to get Russian Jews into Israel, you will see just how deeply this has been planned. You will also see why the soldiers do very little, why the settlers are being brought in hand over fist. But MILLIONS died just to get those Russians in there to wage battle in the West Bank.

Oh, btw, I did a piece ages ago on how since the Palestinians are downhill from most of the settlements, the settlers do their best to contaminate that water with bodily waste, refuse and chemicals. Very little of the water is purified. Meanwhile, as a Palestinian purifies and boils water to cook in, the Settlers have pools to swim in.

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