21 March 2009

Israel's New Secret Weapon

How israel can kill off Palestine without firing one single shot.

A new weapon looms to be used on Palestinians. Not a new US made missile or bomb, but rather a ticking time bomb that Israel already has its hands all over. It is a simple fact of life, he who controls the water wins. With Israel already pilfering Palestinian water and the Palestinians most fertile land; One wonders what will happen to the tiny patches the Palestinians still attempt to eek out a small living with, once they have less water.

Water Problems in the Middle East

In some ways, water is more precious than oil in the Middle East and fuels already heated conflicts. Israel, Jordan, Palestine Syria and Lebanon share the waters of the Jordan River and attempts to use the water for different projects by different countries have resulted in constant friction.
Competition for the river was a major contributing factor to the 1967 war with Israel.
Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas spoke at the World Water Forum and called for clean and clear water politics for the Palestinian people. He asserted Palestinians had four times less water per capita than people living in Israel, a consumption level far below the World Health Organization's guidelines for minimum daily access to water.

I say again, witness the new Israeli weapon………………water.