10 March 2009

Israel to Trade 226 Palestinian Prisoners for Israeli Captured Soldier

Breaking news: Very interesting stuff here from a political strategy standpoint. It appears that Israel is going to trade 226 Palestinian prisoners for the Israeli Soldier prisoner being held in Palestine.

Two sources below:

Israel offers amnesty to 20 Fatah militants: sources

RAMALLAH, March 10 (Xinhua) -- Israel as given amnesty to 20 wanted militants of President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement in the West Bank city of Nablus, senior Palestinian security sources said Tuesday.

Israel has officially informed the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) that its security apparatus decided to offer amnesty to 20 wanted militants, who are members of al-Aqsa MartyrsBrigades, Fatah's armed wing, said the sources who declined to give their names.

Most of the Fatah militants, who were offered amnesty by Israel, have been held in the prison of Nablus for several months, upon a security agreement issued between Israel and the PNA.

The sources said the PNA informed the wanted militants of getting Israeli amnesty, adding that other 17 wanted militants held at Nablus prison are still waiting for an Israeli amnesty.



Israeli security officials have been interviewing 'heavyweight' Palestinian prisoners in what the Palestinian Authority considers a sign of headway in the negotiations on a possible prisoner swap that would see captive soldier Gilad Shalit released

The most infamous prisoner being interviewed is Nasser Awais, the former commander of Fatah's armed wing, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. Awais was captured by IDF forces during Operation Defensive Shield in 2002. He was sentenced to 11 life terms.

It is estimated that Israel may offer to release these prisoners if Hamas agrees to remove other 'heavyweight' Palestinian prisoners from the list it had submitted during the negotiations. The Israel Prison Service denied that any talks were being held with Palestinian prisoners, and the Shin Bet refused to comment.

It was further reported that about two weeks ago Israel approved 226 of the 450 names on Hamas' list of 'heavyweight' prisoners it wants released in exchange for Shalit.


I think there are many things happening behind the scenes here, suddenly this prisoner exchange, and what with the sudden removal of Hezbollah from the terrorist list in England, presumably so that the British can talk to them (for the Americans!!) because the Americans can’t, and other subtle moves taking shape recently. Having witnessed the peace negotiations in Ireland for 13 years, I smell the beginning of something here, the Americans, the British and Israelis are up to something. What that something is we will have to wait and see.


escapefromobamastan said...

US + Britain + Israel = Triumvirate of Evil

Totally controlled by the jewish zionists.

How sad.

escapefromobamastan said...
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Anonymous said...

The thing I don't understand, why is this one soldier so important? What does he know?

BanSidhe said...

I don't think he has any special knowledge, he's just a soldier. But israel just can't handle the Palestinians having any of their people and the govt is being lobbied hard to get him back. Given the political situation there now, with no one having any real majority, points cna be scored by getting him back. Also, israel may want to do it's own deal for him now, before they are forced into some peace process negotiations by the US. I just hope israel does not do a bombing run on the palestinians after they release them. Dont trust israel at all.

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