10 March 2009

Racist Zionists Dress as Tourists to Storm Mosque

Israel shows its racist side yet again. Israeli Zionists, akin to Nazi Racist Skin Heads, dress up as tourists to invade Al Aqsa Mosque during Muslim prayers.

Israeli extremists storm al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem's Old City
A group of 30 Israeli extremist settlers stormed the courtyard of the al-Aqsa mosque in the Old City of Jerusalem midday Monday.
Palestinian worshippers said that the group were disguised as tourists, and as soon as they were at the main courtyard they started to conduct prayers for the Jewish holiday Purim.

And in more news that proves what a racist apartheid rogue state Israel has become, we see this report:

the Israeli military announced a total closure of the Palestinian areas because of the Jewish holiday Purim. The Israeli Army announced that the closure will be implemented from Monday until Wednesday.

Well, you have to hand it to the Zionists, they learned from Hitler how to treat those not like themselves. Israel has become the most hated statelet in the world, and with good reason. They breed hate, speak hate, practice hate, preach hate, spread hate, steal land using hate, murder using hate, elect their politicians using hate, vote for those with the most hate, and use hate to commit genocide on an entire population in Palestine .

Wake up America, these people are controlling you, not the other way round. If it weren’t for your country giving them billions of dollars and weapons, they’d not like you either. The truth is they don’t like anyone but other Israelis or other Zionists. Interested in what Zionists think about Jews in America marrying non-Jew Americans? Read it HERE