23 March 2009

Reality Bites Israel

At least one Israeli elected official is waking up to the stark reality that the world is sick and tired of a rogue state acting with impunity.

Olmert warns of Israel isolation on world stage

JERUSALEM (AFP) – Outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has warned his likely successor Benjamin Netanyahu that he risks isolating Israel on the world stage unless he agrees to the creation of a Palestinian state, media reported on Monday.

"The only choice is between two states for two people or one state for two people," local media quoted him as saying at Sunday's cabinet meeting.

"Those who don't see this are lying to themselves and are risking causing great damage to Israel" including "losing its international support."

"Anyone who goes into a government whose coalition guidelines do not include the principle of two states for two peoples is knowingly liable to subject Israel to isolation, the likes of which it has never known since its establishment," he said.

"History will not forgive them," he said.

A lifelong right-winger, Olmert underwent a change over the past several years, coming to the conclusion that unless Israel gave up occupied Palestinian lands it would lose its democratic Jewish character as eventually Palestinians would outnumber Jewish Israelis.