31 March 2009

WARNING~Israeli Spies, AIPAC, Iran and American Foreign Policy

This will be an In Depth entry today regarding Israel’s perpetuating lies and politics of fear and its use of AIPAC to control and spy on Americans.

Today there are a few reports out regarding the EU being unlikely to hold a summit with Israel in the near future as planned, due to its dissatisfaction with Israeli construction in east Jerusalem and the continued blockade on the Gaza Strip. See below:

Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, whose nation currently holds the rotating EU presidency, told his country's Lidove Noviny newspaper that the union was "not happy with some of the steps of the Israeli government, namely construction works close to Jerusalem but also access to Gaza, which is today very limited."

And at the very same time, funnily enough, we also see this being reported in the same article:

Meanwhile in Prague, President Shimon Peres met with Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek Tuesday and warned him that "it would be a mistake on the EU's part to give Israel the cold shoulder" and delay the planned upgrade of EU-Israel relations "due to our war on terror."

"Israel is at the forefront of the war on terror," he said. "This is a war that we fight not only for our people, but for the entire world. Today terror is in Israel and tomorrow terror will be in Europe."

And then this:

Peres tell EU president: Europe must keep eyes open for Iranian threat

President Shimon Peres met with Czech President Vaclav Klaus in Prague on Monday and told his counterpart, who currently holds the rotation European Union presidency that "the EU must keep it's eyes open for the dangers lurking – Nuclear Iran is a danger to the world and to Europe."

And back in America what is the Jewish Lobby doing? Well, it's doing this:

More than 250 Zionist Organization of America activists urged Congress to tighten sanctions on Iran and place conditions on U.S. aid to the Palestinians

Now, what is happening here is very important for people to understand, this is Israel using hasbara and the “politics of Fear” attempting to get it’s way by perpetuating fear. Always pointing the finger at Iran, which, is Israel’s “cash cow” or “golden goose” for getting Billions of American Taxpayer money, AND keeping the Middle East in a constant state of war!!

People must begin to look closely at the paranoia propaganda Israel spews, and start asking themselves who it benefits. Just like George Bush after 9-11, Israel is attempting to continue the “politics of fear”, using claims of “threats” and “fear” in an effort to amass support for attacking Iran and creating close ties with Israel and its agenda. Now, I find this perpetual “Iran Bashing” by Israel to be quite stunning, given the situation in Pakistan and to a lesser degree Afghanistan. What is America’s best interest here? Is it to do whatever Israel wants it to, or is it best for America and Americans to forge their own policy.

Let’s take Afghanistan first, just today I read where Clinton backs bringing in “moderate” Taliban;(translation we failed miserably and want to give the country back to the Taliban) she said “that Taliban members in Afghanistan who abandoned extremism must be granted an "honourable form of reconciliation."

Now correct me if I am wrong, but America invaded Afghanistan to remove the Taliban. Now, as things are not going well and the US cannot win, they want to talk to them and place them back in power. Massive failure #1 of Bush’s “Politics of Fear” And where did all this get America? It got America nowhere, except many US Soldiers and civilians being killed. The Taliban will be re-installed in Afghanistan, and then Afghans will be forgotten. America, no doubt, will tell some fantastic great story of how it freed them and had victory and the “moderate” Taliban are good and nice people.

Now, let’s look at Pakistan shall we? Let’s look at it in light of what Peres said to the EU president in his “effort” to win back a summit that the EU president is now cancelling, due to Israel’s genocide and war crimes in Gaza and it’s refusal to stop expanding settlements. Here is what Peres said in his attempt to use “politics of Fear” to sway the EU President. He said "the EU must keep its eyes open for the dangers lurking – Nuclear Iran is a danger to the world and to Europe."

Yet, here we are with Pakistan self destructing before our very eyes, and Pakistan HAS nuclear weapons! Iran does not and would be years away from having the bomb, IF they are trying to make one! Remember, Iran is Israel’s fixation, because Iran does not take any Israeli shit. This pisses Israel off and they have a history of going after anyone who does not like them. First they vilify them and then they begin the spinning until the spin becomes truth. It is important for Israel to get America to back this fixation on Iran. Then, through the assistance of America the rest of the world can then be targeted and turned against Iran until Israel finally has the support to commit genocide on Iran just as it did in Gaza.

So, just do a Google for the word "Pakistan” and then ask yourself which is the biggest threat to world peace. Iran or Pakistan. Now, I am not calling for any invasion of Pakistan here, I am pointing out realities which exist today. Then ask yourself why for the last few years Israel has been working feverishly to attack Iran and hoping for US assistance in doing so. I’ll tell you why, because, God forbid, if the US normalizes relationships with Iran, then that places Israel in a position of having no “whipping boy” in the Middle East to scare America with! Ah, but more importantly it would mean that the US would not have to be giving BILLIONS of dollars to Israel for so called “protection” which I always find laughable as Israel has the 4th largest army in the world AND nuclear weapons!

The next step to understanding may be difficult. But if you can imagine you are an Arab state like Iran, and you just witnessed yet AGAIN, how Israel is such a war monger (with the backing of America) against Arabs and Israel keeps threatening you and playing war games on your borders with flyovers and pretend bombing runs. Then would you not want to protect your country from lunatics with Nuclear weapons who have demonstrated for years how they kill at will? The answer is to take away ALL nuclear weapons, that includes ISRAEL!!

Iran has been demonized by Israel (and Bush) for many years, and Bush joined in with a zeal that was truly amazing. American media has failed the public greatly and fed the “politics of fear”. After all, you have 24 hour news cycles now like CNN, Fox (Faux”) and MSNBC plus many others, only the “big” scary stories get the viewers. So ramp up the “politics of fear” for the ratings.

I remember once I was in America about 2 years after 9-11 and it amazed me that scrolling across the bottom of the 24 hour news program was a “terror alert warning system” that continually scrolled at the bottom of the screen day in, and day out. There were several levels, with red being the most heightened level, down to green being the safe level. I noticed it never left orange, just under the red zone. No matter how many days or months passed, it never got to green, and for the most part remained on orange with a few “reds” thrown in by Bush, just in case people were getting too used to feeling safe under orange.

Now, this is exactly what Israel does constantly. Rattle the saber of war against Iran using fear tactics, trying to continue the Bush “Politics of Fear” to hopefully engage the USA into some strike against Iran, because that is what Israel wants. So, I say again, to normalize relations with Iran would be devastating to Israel on many levels as it would take away Israel’s “cash cow” for American money and it would also force Israel to make peace. Something Israel is diametrically opposed to, as all its actions prove it wants to remove Arabs by continuing to take more and more land, thus making any peace deal vastly impossible.

And one important factoid, we must not forget that it was America who installed the Shah of Iran. It was America’s misunderstanding as usual of another culture that created the ensuing mess we now have in Iran.

Iran is not the “demon” Israel and Bush want you to believe it is. Are they different? Yes they are. But so is Russia, so is China, for that matter so is Israel, an Apartheid state where only Jews have full rights, but we are not being asked to attack any of them are we? Sadly, it was during the Bush I & II Administrations there were several very REAL opportunities for Iran and America to become allies. A chance for a new direction in Iran that would see it become normalised and a friend to America, but that was not in the interest of Bush or Israel so they used Iran on many occasions and then abused it. Iran actually helped America several times, but learned very quickly that it could not trust Bush/America. Now America has perhaps lost the best opportunity for a meaningful relationship with Iran, thanks to Bush SR and Bush Jr and the Zionists, they used Iran and then tossed away several very real chances for change. How many Americans ever saw the scenes of hundreds of Iranian men and women on the streets of Iran, crying for America on 9-11? How many Americans were even aware of this fact? Probably ZERO as it would not have fit into the Israeli, Bush, US media’s plans of vilifying Iran.

For an excellent recent example of this in action, check out what happened to an American reporter from New York writing for the New York Times, the reporter himself being jewish no less. But look at what the Zionist Flying Monkeys who work for Israel do if you DARE say anything remotely nice about any aspect of Iran:

A row has broken out over allegations of antisemitism at the New York Times, America's most vaunted name in journalism and a newspaper with a large Jewish readership.

The storm centres on a column about Jews in Iran written by New York Times journalist Roger Cohen and a cartoon attacking the recent war in Gaza.

The newspaper, and Cohen in particular, has been accused of being too critical of Israel and an apologist for Iran and its leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Cohen's column was written from Iran about the country's small Jewish minority. His piece acknowledged the difficulties the group experienced and portrayed them as part of an Iranian society that he said was more tolerant, democratic and sophisticated than many American critics allowed.

Such sentiments might seem uncontroversial, but in America no one touching on issues around Israel or antisemitism escapes close scrutiny. Cohen was attacked by Jewish writers and bloggers. The Jerusalem Post dubbed him "misled", while the Atlantic Monthly called him "credulous". Others went much further. "The Nazis had Theresienstadt, their 'model' concentration camp used to 'persuade' the gullible that Jews and others who aroused the ire of the Nazis were being treated well. Would Roger Cohen have had no problem portraying that favourably as well?" fumed writer Ed Lasky on the American Thinker website. more HERE

Oh, and just in case you do not believe me when I say they actually WORK for Israel, just read this from 25th March, 2009 only a few days ago:

WASHINGTON, March 25, 2009 /PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX/ ----The Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy, Inc. (IRmep) urges the Department of Justice to proceed with its long delayed prosecution of former AIPAC employees Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman. Colonel Lawrence Franklin, a co-conspirator indicted in 2005 for allegedly passing classified information in violation of the 1917 Espionage Act, has already been convicted. Growing special interest calls for dismissing charges against the former AIPAC employees strongly resemble previous demands for special treatment under the law.

In 2008 the release of formerly secret internal Department of Justice documents revealed that the DOJ ordered AIPAC's parent organization to register as the foreign agent of an Israeli principal in 1962. After three years of behind the scenes pressure and lobbying the DOJ acquiesced to pressure that the foreign agent registration be heavily redacted and filed in secret, an unprecedented exception in the history of public Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA: undefined, undefined, undefined%) filings. The 1938 FARA protects American citizens and Congress from foreign funded stealth lobbying.

An open trial may reveal whether there was an effort to leverage classified information into US military action against Iran, or whether mainstream media and the public are manipulated by lobbyists selectively trafficking secrets.

Did you get that??????? Wake up America!! Notice this is about Iran once again? The jewish lobby attempting to get America to go to war with Iran!!

Shutting down the current US v Rosen and Weissman case before it goes to trial would similarly short circuit rule of law in the United States. Only a public trial can reveal whether AIPAC lobbyists crossed a red line in their advocacy activities. An open trial may reveal whether there was an effort to leverage classified information into US military action against Iran, or whether mainstream media and the public are manipulated by lobbyists selectively trafficking secrets.

"Quietly folding this prosecution would promote a growing perception across America that some organizations and individuals are free to break the law with impunity, at great cost to law abiding citizens." said IRmep Director Grant F. Smith. "Based upon the alleged activities raised by the indictment our supporters from 37 states urge the Department of Justice to proceed to trial. Doing otherwise could have grave consequences for governance in America."

Are you worried enough yet? They work for Israel and the spy for Israel in America!Now tell me America does not need to get Israel out of controlling its politics, politicians and its journalists and media. Jewish Lobbyists managed to get Charles Freeman removed and in Canada Gallway banned from speaking in Canada, they love censorship, this was the work of the newly reformed JDL and ADL. Seriously, what other foreign country is allowed to control the US and Canada in this way? Scary!

There was an excellent documentary done by the BBC recently called “Iran and the West”. It was shown in the UK so if you live outside you most likely would not have seen it and especially in America I doubt it would have been shown as Americans must be kept in the dark for the “Politics of Fear” to work. I will provide the videos below, feel free to view them all or if you want to skip over the part where America helped to create the Iran we see today by putting in the Shah, then skip to the 3rd video and view all the rest. The documentary shows interviews with a wide range of world leaders who reveal the inner dealings of all governing administrations from the past thirty years, both from within Iran’s own administration and from the Western counterparts. These include Vladimir Putin, Jimmy Carter, Mohammad Khatami, Bill Clinton, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Colin Powell, Ali Larijani, Farah Pahlavi, Madeline Albright, and Javier Solana among many others. Video was palced on youtube in 6 parts, although on television it was a three parter.

In summation, I would hope that the Obama Administration will shake free from Israel’s control and seek the best outcome for America and the rst of the world, which would be to normalise relations with Iran, seek new dialogue, take the baby steps over the next eight years to create and forge a new relationship.It will take time as Iran no longer trusts America, for that matter much of the rest of the world could also be included in that fact of distrust for American foreign policy, thanks to years of American neocons working with Israeli Zionists! Will there be many set backs forging peace with Iran? Certainly! The "Nay Sayers" said the same thing about the peace process in Ireland, which I lived though. They were wrong then and they are wrong now! For America to continue down this road to war at the behest of Israel, serves only Israel, not America. By creating a new Middle East through relations with Iran, will force Israel to make peace quicker than you can say “Kosher” and also save America from having to shell out billions of American taxpayers money to Israel, only to maintain the Israeli status quo of “Politics of Fear” which benefits only Israel.

Now, get your popcorn and watch the documentary:

Videos: Iran and the West







For more on the “Politics of Fear” you can check out another BBC documentary called “The Power of Nightmares” another excellent thought provoking work. You can find it on Youtube by searching.