28 March 2009

Plans for Galloways Speaking Tour Will Continue

British MP tour organizers hope court will overturn ban, but make a Plan B
15 minutes ago

TORONTO — A Canadian speaking tour by George Galloway will go ahead Monday, even if lawyers for the British MP are unsuccessful in arguing against an order banning him from entering the country, tour organizers say.

Lawyers for the British parliamentarian will be in Federal Court in Toronto on Sunday seeking an injunction on the ban so Galloway can enter Canada until a judicial review is heard.

"We're waiting to see what the outcome of the legal challenge is on Sunday."

Clark said if that bid is unsuccessful organizers will meet Galloway at a border crossing to the United States, where he was on a speaking tour.

They will bring him to the Canadian border but not attempt to cross it, and he can deliver a speech through a phone that will be amplified for supporters in Canada to hear, Clark said. Organizers are still working out the details.

"Even if he does not get in, in Toronto, in Mississauga, in Montreal and in Ottawa on the assigned days he's scheduled to speak he will deliver a speech to that audience and people will be able to ask questions," Clark said.

Galloway's supporters allege political interference in the Canada Border Services Agency decision and are calling on Immigration Minister Jason Kenney to overturn it.

Kenney has previously said he would not use his ministerial power in that way and that he did not ask the CBSA to rule the way it did.