28 March 2009

Morocco to Reconstruct Hospital in Gaza

Bethlehem - Ma'an - Morocco has pledged to reconstruct the agronomy faculty of Al-Azhar University and the destroyed part of Al-Quds Hospital in Gaza.

Two agreements were signed on Thursday under the chairmanship of King Mohammad VI, the ruler of Morocco, according to a statement.

The first agreement, signed by director of the king's private secretariat, Mohamed Mounir Majidi, and the deputy chairman of Al-Azhar University, Youssef Joumaa Salama, provides for reconstructing the agronomy faculty of Al-Azhar University, which was destroyed during the Israeli assault on Gaza in February, to be paid by the king.

The second agreement, which was signed by Morocco's central bank governor, Abdellatif Jouahri, representative of the Palestinian Red Crescent, Younes El-Khatib, and director of Al-Quds Hospital, Khalid Jouda, provides for reconstructing the destroyed portions of Al-Quds Hospital.

The second project will be financed by the 33.57 million dirham (3.87 million dollars) donations made by the Moroccans in the bank account opened under instructions of the monarch, chairman of the Al-Quds Committee.

The financing of these two projects is part of Morocco's assistance to Palestine following the recent Israeli assault. The north African kingdom had sent emergency aid of medicines, foodstuffs and various supplies to the Palestinians.