22 April 2009

AIPAC Spies+Jewish Billionaire With Ties to DNC and Clinton

Is the Democratic Party Infested with Israeli Agents who control Politicians?

This is NOT looking good for America, as this AIPAC Jewish Lobby Spy, payoff situation gets worse moment by moment. The depth of Israeli infiltration into American politics and the American government is very serious. We all now know about Jane Harman, a jewish congresswoman who attempted to “help” the AIPAC spies get off, as well as the deal with/for Nancy Pelosi. It now appears that the big money man behind this was none other than mega rich Billionaire Israeli operative Haim Saban who lives in California. However, it gets much worse keep reading to see who else he has close ties to. According to the LaTimes Haim Saban is loyal to “three causes”
Those causes: Israel, the Democratic Party and medical philanthropy -- in that order. And he has a history of putting his vast fortune behind all three.
And if that is not enough to worry you, how bout this?

At some point in 2005, Harman was recorded on federal wiretaps as part of an espionage investigation of a pro-Israel lobby group. According to the Congressional Quarterly and the New York Times, Harman offered to intervene in the investigation in return for the group's support of her quest to be named head of the House Intelligence Committee. According to press reports, an alleged agent from the lobbying group told Harman that he would get Saban -- who holds both Israeli and U.S. citizenship -- to withhold contributions from then-House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi unless the San Francisco congresswoman agreed to name Harman chairwoman

According to The Times report, a caller captured on a National Security Agency wire tap is recorded telling U.S. Rep. Jane Harman that Saban would call House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and threaten to withhold campaign contributions if she did not make Harman chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.
And he used that money to buy Politicians for Israel
With his place secured among the world's richest men, Saban was free to become a financial superhero to a generation of Democratic office seekers. His motives were always perfectly clear. "Everyone knows that there's no greater passion in Saban's life than the state of Israel and its continued survival," said veteran Hollywood publicist Howard Bragman. "He's very focused. Anyone with billions of dollars and that much passion is a big deal."
And, even worse, he has close ties with the Clintons. And with Hillary Clinton now Secretary of State, what does this mean for Middle East Peace, justice for Palestinians, and Israel's continued agression in the region. And the beggest question of all is jsut what kind of pressure is being put on the American Government to allow, or assist israel to attack Iran? Clinton ties below:
Wilshire Theatre, which also serves as a venue for services during the Jewish high holidays. (The theater will be renamed Saban Theatre upon completion. The dedication ceremony later this summer is expected to include at least one of the Clintons, Saban's longtime friends.)

After Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton lost her bid for the presidency, there was a rumor that Saban was going to support Sen. John McCain because he doubted the solidity of then-Sen. Barack Obama's commitment to Israel.
And here's more on the Clinton connection, plus a connection to the DNC itself. Terry McAuliffe, who, as we all know, worked in Hillary’s campaign AND was head of the DNC, also has close ties with Saban and has taken huge donations from him. This from the washington post:
Haim Saban, a wealthy California media mogul and Terry McAuliffe's top individual donor in his bid for Virginia governor, was part of an effort to influence a Justice Department investigation of two pro-Israel lobbyists accused of spying, according to a report published this week in The New York Times.
Saban has been a pro-Israel activist since the 1990s, and, according to campaign finance data, is, over the past decade, the largest giver to federal elections in the nation. He has given McAuliffe $276,064 for his gubernatorial bid, about $25,000 the cost of hosting a fundraiser for Mcauliffe and the rest a cash donation.
And more from over at Gawker:
He has personally paid more money to politicians than any other American—$13 million since 1999, according to Portfolio—all with the avowed intent of ensuring that the U.S. will support Israel no matter what Israel does. Saban told Portfolio that his grudging support of Barack Obama in the 2008 election was premised on being reassured that Obama had a "visceral commitment, as opposed to a logical or strategic one," to the Jewish state.

During the 2008 Democratic primary campaign, when it looked like superdelegates were going to decide the race, Saban reportedly offered the Young Democrats of America—which controlled two superdelegate votes—$1 million if they would support Hillary Clinton. Saban denied it. Nor is his political largesse limited to the U.S.—he reportedly paid $120,000 to Shimon Peres' prime minister campaign in 2006 in exchange for help in purchasing the Israeli communications company Bezeq.

In 2002, Saban launched the Saban Center for Middle East Policy, an arm of the Brookings Institution, with a $13 million grant. It served as a sort of left-wing cover operation for proponents of the invasion of Iraq, employing liberal hawks like Kenneth Pollack, whose book The Threatening Storm: The Case for Invading Iraq was influential in bringing Democrats on board with the Bush Adminsitration's plans.
And here is a little blub from WIKI about Saban and the Clintons, both President Bill Clinton and Hillary during her campaign and after:
Saban was described in 2004 as "throwing his weight and money around Washington and, increasingly, the world, trying to influence all things Israeli."[3]

Glenn Greenwald has criticized Saban for being "an Israeli-American neoconservative who was a 2004 supporter of George [W.] Bush, was a close associate of Ariel Sharon, and spent the 1990s persuading Bill Clinton (with millions of dollars in donations to the Democratic Party) to be more supportive of Israel."

Bill Clinton presidency
Mother Jones, in an analysis of the major donors to the campaigns of 1998 election cycle, ranked Saban 155th among individual donors.[11] Amy Paris noted that Saban's Clinton-era "generosity did not go unrewarded. During the Clinton administration, the entertainment executive served on the President's Export Council, advising the White House on trade issues."[11] The New York Times reported that Haim and his wife "slept in the White House several times during President Clinton's two terms. And Mr. Saban has remained close to the former president."

Hillary Clinton presidential campaign
Hillary Clinton had a long history of good relations with Haim dating back to Haim's late 1990s support of her husband's political efforts. Hillary told a reporter for the New York Times in September 2004 that "Haim Saban has been a very good friend, supporter and adviser to me. I am grateful for his commitment to Israel, to a just and lasting peace in the Middle East and to my foundation's work, particularly on reconciliation issues."[3]

In May 2007, Haim publicly declared his support for Hillary Clinton in 2008 presidential election.[8]

In June 2007, Haim and Steven Spielberg co-hosted a Hillary Clinton fundraiser at the house of Peter Chernin, the President of News Corporation.[13] According to the Los Angeles Times[13], the fundraiser brought in over $850,000.

In March 2008, Saban was among a group of major Jewish donors to sign a letter to Democratic Party house leader Nancy Pelosi warning her to "keep out of the Democratic presidential primaries."[14] The donors, who "were strong supporters of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential campaign", "were incensed by a March 16 interview in which Pelosi said that party 'superdelegates' should heed the will of the majority in selecting a candidate."[14] The letter to Pelosi stated the donors "have been strong supporters of the DCCC" and implied, according to The Jewish Telegraphic Agency[14], that Pelosi could lose their financial support in important upcoming congressional elections.

On May 19, 2008, it was reported that Haim Saban had "offered $1 million to the Young Democrats of America during a phone conversation in which he also pressed for the organization's two uncommitted superdelegates to endorse the New York Democrat."[15]

Asked about the Israel-United States relationship Saban has answered:

Do you still feel, as you once did, that America's attitude toward Israel is liable to deteriorate?

"At the moment there is no sign of a crisis. But we must not be complacent. The two pillars of the state are the Israel Defense Forces and the U.S., Dimona [the site of Israel's nuclear reactor] and Washington. [Israel] must do all we can to maintain the alliance with America. A major crisis at the wrong time could be a disaster, a disaster."

Do you feel that as an Israeli-American of influence your mission is to prevent that crisis?

"You said it."

Saban "said he caught the political bug in the mid-1990s, when he felt that support for Israel was slipping in the United States."

Saban, in a 2004 New York Times interview[3], ascribed his interest in politics to his concern for Israel: "I'm a one-issue guy and my issue is Israel."

So, I think it is fair to say that this Jewish Cancer within American politics is only starting to show it’s seedy underbelly of power, money and control, from the House of Representatives, to the US Senate to the Whitehouse and Secretary of State. We now have links from Harman, to Clinton, to Pelosi. All very powerful people who have the President's ear. Given that Clinton is Secretary of State, and Pelosi’s position, sorta makes one wonder how much control he (and Israel) has on US Middle East Policy, In other words, just who is running the country, President Obama whom the American people voted for? Or a foreign Government of Israel whom NO American voted for!