10 April 2009

Bizarro World Strikes Again

US Jews who lived in Israel (and now live in the USA) are suing North Korea for selling arms to Lebanon that Hezbollah used in the 2006 war with Israel. I kid you not.

In so far as this "lawsuit" against North Korea, then Palestinians should definitely sue America for providing the DIME missiles and other weapons that were CLEARLY used in an ILLEGAL way in Gaza!! Someone should investigate this option, because with all the UN investigations, all the evidence, and the agreement (refer to what Dennis Kucinich said about this) between the US and Israel as to how the US supplied weapons can (or cannot be used) is in breach of that agreement. That makes the US libel as well as Israel. Report below:

Hezbollah-hit Americans sue North Korea

WASHINGTON (AFP) — US citizens in Israel injured by Hezbollah rockets on Friday sued North Korea seeking more than 100 million dollars, saying the communist state assisted the Lebanese Shiite group.

Hezbollah in 2006 fired thousands of missiles into northern Israel, which launched a deadly month-long offensive against its northern neighbor.

In a lawsuit filed in the US District Court in Washington, 30 Americans who said they were injured in the rocket attacks accused North Korea of helping Hezbollah build underground bunkers to safely store their Katyusha rockets.

"As a facilitator of the Hezbollah rockets, North Korea is financially liable to all those Americans injured by the terrorists," lawyer Nitsana Darshan-Leitner said in a statement.