10 April 2009

Tiny Country Raises BIG Money for Gaza

Wow, this is so great. Borneo has raised a whopping $1,136,711.60 for the
Palestine Humanitarian Fund, KUDOS to Borneo!

The Palestine Humanitarian Fund yesterday received another donation of $600 from the Mukim Mentiri Consultative council. The proceeds of the donation came from hiking activities to Mentiri Hill, which was organised by Mukim Mentiri Consultative council.

The donation was received by the Deputy Director of Community Development Department, Dyg Hjh Misnah binti Hj Bolhassan from Pengarah Hj Abd Rahman bin Hj Naim, Penghulu Mukim Menitri.

With the donation, the Palestine Humanitarian Fund has now collected $1,136,711.60, which includes contributions from SMS Brunei Prihatin. The Department of Community Development as the secretariat of the fund hopes that members of the public will continue to contribute further to the fund before April 13. source