15 April 2009


I'm doing some plugging for Viva Palestina, George Galloway and for Gaza. Galloway's son in law has been instrumental in helping to create the new FANTASTIC "Viva Palestina Album" out NOW!!

Viva Palestina - The album featuring Drew McConnell from Babyshambles, Lowkey, Celt Islam and more . . .

All proceeds go to Viva Palestina - campaigning for solidarity with Palestine into the future

here are my favs so far:

Absolutely love Celt Islam's stuff, brilliant, take a wee listen here click the song called Gaza Feat, it's great

and defo lovin the rap song by Lowkey, you can hear a version of it on their myspace music page but will have to buy the album for the other version:)

Nabila is excellent as well, A Muslim soul sista singing a mix of soul, gospel and jazz, her song "Blood for Palestine" is really good, take a listen here

also Phuturesonic is another great one, a mix of hip hop, rap and funk, really brill, for a sample of their other music go here

Now, for those who are not into rap or hip hop type of music there are some other songs as well, just check out the THIS PAGE, you can sample the music from all of these groups who are on the album.

Here's what Galloway says:
Obama's America place I can believe in
Apr 13 2009 George Galloway

I may end up having to move to America to live in a country closer to what I believe in.

Who would have thought I would ever end up saying that? Having just toured it, and planning a vast US convoy to head for Gaza, I felt the fresh breeze of optimism Obama's victory has brought in its wake.

The convoy will be co-led by me and Ron Kovic, upon whose life the Tom Cruise epic Born On The Fourth Of July was based. It's leaving for Cairo, when else, on the 4th of July. Where I led 110 vehicles, this one will be 500 trucks long. It aims to deliver 10 million dollars worth of aid to the suffering people there. You can follow it until the US website is up at www.vivapalestina.org.

There you can also buy the campaign CD with its wonderful collection of songs for Palestine.