15 April 2009

How Sick is Israel? Check this Out!

(Israeli Asshats!)

Israel is one sick puppy. They lost a war with Hezbollah in 2006, and this is how they get back at Hezbollah. By inventing a new anti-drug campaign, however, this being "Israel" they cannot do anything "normally" so they tell Israeli's that smoking pot makes you a Hezbollah supporter. Really, if this was not so racist, it would be funny. No, actually it IS funny, as it shows just how they like to smear people, especially people who they can't beat in war. Next there will be an anti-drinking campaign, telling Israelis that consuming more than one drink a day makes you a supporter of Iran ;-)

Jerusalem – The Israeli Anti-Drug Authority launched an ad campaign linking smoking marijuana with support for Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

In one poster, Nasrallah’s head appears rising like a genie on smoke from a bong.

The poster reads: (In red) “Nasrallah aims at destroying Israel entirely.” The campaign is based on the allegation that Hizbullah funds its activities in Lebanon and alleged (Israeli alleged!) activities in Palestinian areas through drug trafficking.

In white font the poster reads: "Hizbullah has the obvious purpose of flooding Israel with venom which forms a strategic danger against Israel. We should not give him the chance to destroy Israel and we should counter drugs internally and externally.”

Hizbullah is the Lebanese resistance group thought to be responsible for forcing Israel to end its decades-old occupation of southern Lebanon in 2000. In 2006 Israel launched an unsuccessful war against organization after it seized two Israeli soldiers.link