28 April 2009

Iran's Obama~Calling for "Change"

Wonder why Israel wants to attack Iran right now? Because they have to do it before the next Iranian election in June, otherwise it's all over for Israel. I'll explain.

If the USA can keep Israel from attcking Iran before the next Iranian election, then My prediction: Mark my words, you read it here first~
It will all "change" for Iran in June

Meet Iran's version's of Obama~Mahdi Karroubi and Mir Hossein Mousavi Both mean "change" but one is considered to be a reformist (In American terms, sorta like an Iranian "Left Liberal" type), that would be Karroubi. The other is Mousavi, (In American terms, he'd be more like a "Centrist" sorta type) I hope Karroubi wins, either way, "change" is coming to Iran.

Americans don't really know much about Iran, nor do Americans understand the country of Iran very much. But some of the Clerics are really left leaning, many are very forward thinking, many are very smart people and "get" the big picture. Iran tends to react to what is done to it. You'd think Americans would "get that" by now. Keep poking a stick at someone they react, keep trying to "westernize" Arab and Middle Eastern countries and you end up getting hardliners elected and pushing the country more to the right, both politically and religiously. It is solely the US's fault that Iran is what it is today. Think "Shah of Iran" or should I say, puppet government of the USA. Iran's reaction was to swing FAR to the right and grasp firmly it's religion to push back from becoming a "Persian version of America." You see, other countries don't want to be "just like" America with it's porn and sexualization of women. It's loose morals and disintegration of the family. And rightly so.

Anyhow, I have been watching the signals for some time from Iran, Not so much the ones from Iran's current President, he doesn't matter really, but the other subtle messages from others who hold the real power. The US government squandered a HUGE opportunity for relations with Iran. They used Iran and then screwed them over last time a moderate group was in charge. Then came the present situation. With Obama's election and new approach, along side the backlash of the Gaza genocide worldwide. I believe the Iranians now see a huge opportunity that may not come along again. Iran has the opportunity to be a major player in the Middle East and at the same time diminish the importance of Israel in the region. THAT is the REAL reason Israel is so gung-ho on attacking them, because AFTER the elections in June, it's all over for Israel. Expect to see in the run up to Iran's elections, a huge continued PUSH from Israel to attack Iran. That is what is now taking place between Israel and the Obama Administration. Israel realises that after the Iranian elections and a moderate government is established, it will have lost all chance of it's evil plan of attacking Iran. I've said it before, and I'm saying it again now, if Iran and the US develop relations, the entire face of the Middle East will change politically. That translates into Israel becoming just a little patch of desert where Jews live, nothing more. There will be no need for all those BILLIONS of dollars taken from American Taxpayers being sent to Israel annually. Israel will become plain, simple and nothing special without it's constant cries for war. War is what keeps the money flowing to Israel, that is why Israel CREATES these conflicts, to milk the USA of money, and to constantly come up with "false" reasons to attack it's neighbours, all the while stealing more land and spreading itself across the desert.

I firmly believe Iran will elect another moderate government that will work with Obama. Iran is smart, they have not been around this long because they are stupid. This is a perfect chance to turn the tables on Israel while increasing the importance of Iran and other Arab states in the region. The signs are there, we just need to recognise them. A moderate will be elected in June, mark my words. The world must keep Israel from attacking Iran before Iran's elections. report below:

Iranian presidential candidate promises change

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — A reformist challenger to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vowed Tuesday that he would reverse the president's hard-line policies, including the denial of the Holocaust, if he wins the June presidential vote.

Mahdi Karroubi, a moderate cleric, is one of four candidates running in the June 12 elections, though he is believed to have less support than the leading reformist challenger to Ahmadinejad, Mir Hossein Mousavi.

Karroubi strongly criticized Ahmadinejad for pushing Iran into international isolation and said he has needlessly antagonized the West by claiming the Holocaust was a myth, as well as failed to improve living standards despite huge oil revenues unseen in Iran's history.

"The Holocaust is a fact. It is obvious that it has occurred no matter whether the number of people who perished were 6 million or 6,000. (Denying the Holocaust) is of no benefit to Iran," he told a press conference.

The reformist cleric privately told The Associated Press prior to the press conference that it is wrong to assume that Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is supporting Ahmadinejad for re-election. (NOTE~Americans might want to re-read that statement)

"During private meetings, he (Khamenei) rejected assertions that he is backing Ahmadinejad for re-election," he said.

Karroubi said the biggest challenge for his government, if elected, will be to return Iran to the position and image it had in 2004 when former reformist president Mohammad Khatami, a respected intellectual, stepped down.(NOTE~Khatami was the one screwed by the USA, after he left, a hardline Government came to power because Khatami got nothing in return for working with Americans. In other words, all the promises made by America were not followed through and were broken)

"Iran has been derailed from the path of development ... expert views, planning and wisdom have been nonexistent during the past four years. The image of the Iranian president has been reduced to the level of a man without wisdom. Changing this image will be the biggest achievement," Gholam Hossein Karbashchi, the campaign manager, said.

While some supporters gave Ahmadinejad a hero's welcome on his return (from Durban II), moderates complained that the president had undermined "the dignity of Iran and Iranians."

Karroubi, a former parliamentary speaker, said he will pursue a foreign policy of detente with the West and wouldn't mind meeting President Barack Obama if it would help Iran's national interests.source