20 April 2009

Iran's President Tells Truth~Zionist Supporters Walk Out

Three cheers for Ahmadinejad for saying what we all know, but what Israel won't allow to be said (Under threat of the Jewish Lobby) Israel is a racist state. FACT! One only need to read the thousands of news reports regarding its vile treatment of Palestinians for many years, take a look at the statements from its Zionist government, or what about the Zionist Settler terrorists, who are allowed to murder and steal homes at will (With total protection by the Israeli Army) And that support by the Israeli army means the government is in support of the actions of those settlers. The list is truly endless. If not for the worldwide organisation of the Jewish Lobby agents at work in every most countries, perhaps we could finally get the truth on record. Instead the world allows these crimes to continue, that makes each country that walked out just as guilty as Israel. because it means they condone Israels actions.

Israel criticism sparks UN walkout

Dozens of delegates have walked out of a United Nations conference in Switzerland on racism after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran's president, described Israel as a "racist government".

Before he set off for the summit in Geneva, Ahmadinejad had been quoted by Iran's state broadcaster as saying "the Zionist ideology and regime are the flag bearers of racism". link

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Anonymous said...

Israel murdered 1500 men, women, and children in the zionist-created & -maintained concentration camp of Gaza a few weeks ago, and now declares that Iran is inciting racism and ethnic hatreds. What could be more Orwellian! The reality-based question about Israel is how long can such a imperialist and racist regime endure before sanity, rationality and morality prevails -- when a Palestine of equal rights for all finally emerges from the carnage of Zionism.

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