20 April 2009

Israel's Secret Weapon Against Gaza

For background to this story you can read an entry I wrote about this many weeks ago here Israel controls most of Gaza's water, and in fact, Israeli illegal settlers consume a whopping ONE QUARTER of the water!! This leaves barely any for Gaza. More water woes below, this is a disgrace, Zionist Nazis control every border, every river and water source. As Gerry Adams so rightly said when he visited Gaza two weeks ago "Gaza is an Open Air Prison"

Ma’an – Israelis have access to more than four times as much water Palestinians have in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, a World Bank report released on Monday says.

"Water related humanitarian crisis are in fact chronic in Gaza and parts of the West Bank," says the report.

While Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza depend “scarce water resources shared and largely controlled by Israel, the report finds that the joint governance rules and water allocations established under the 1995 Oslo interim agreement, still in effect today, fall short of the needs of the Palestinian people.”

As a result of the imbalance in power and resources, the Palestinian Authority (PA) has been unable to develop its water resources, the report says.

Since the beginning of the second Palestinian uprising in 2000, “the Israeli-imposed movement and access restrictions, consisting of physical impediments, but also of permitting and decision-making practices, have further impaired Palestinian access to water resources, infrastructure development and utility operations.”

“Implementation restrictions that can make the movement of a single pipe a logistical and administrative challenge,” the report says.

However, the World Bank also blames PA mismanagement. The sector continues to operate in a very inefficient emergency mode, with far reaching economic, social and environmental consequences. Water-related humanitarian crises are in fact chronic in Gaza and in parts of the West Bank.