30 April 2009

Israel Retaliates~No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

How dare the Catholic Pope not follow orders from Israel. Several days ago Israel attempted to block the Pope from visiting a Palestinian refugee camp. The Pope refused to be pressured and went anyway, you can read about that here. Today this report comes out, Israel is now going to demolish portions of a Catholic church where Vatican members stay when visiting the Church , but get this, Israel does not own the land. Belgium owns the land, but hey, when does Israel respect land ownership…….. Story below.

Jerusalem – Ma’an – Orders have been made to demolish a two-floor addition to a monastery and church in the Old City of Jerusalem, Aide for Jerusalem affairs Hatem Abdul Qader reported on Wednesday.

The orders were made by the Israeli municipal government of Jerusalem, and target structures such as a two-story addition to the Armenian Catholic Church. Clergy from the order have requested help in fighting the order.

The addition was built to house religious figures visiting Jerusalem from Vatican City. The 150-year-old structure is built on land owned by Belgium's monarchy.source