04 April 2009

Israeli Consulate Takes Over Palestinian Discussion Group in New Hampshire

Here's Israel bullying it's way into a group discussing the plight of Palestinians. The group in New Hampshire, has been carrying on discussion throughout February. Then, suddenly "Several members of the public, who complained to library officials, said the event was not accurate and was one-sided." Translation, the Jewish Lobby, the same people who smeared Charles Freeman and the same people who banned a Member of the British Parliament from entering Canada. Yet, they have the right to force themselves into a public venue to spew their Israeli "hasbara" to the public? Why can't people be allowed to have groups without Israel horning in. I'll tell you why, because Israel is loosing the battle for the hearts and minds of the public, that's why this is so important that they have to bully into groups like this, and if they can't bully into them, then they destroy them or shut them down. Censorship and manipulation is what they do best. Oh and smearing their enemies.

If you live in, or near this location, I highly suggest you get there and give this guy some heated questions. Because, rest assured, they will have pro-Israel people bussed in and planted in the audience to support this guy. Report below:

Israeli consul will speak in Portsmouth

PORTSMOUTH — A high-ranking Israeli diplomat will be at Portsmouth Public Library on Monday to continue what has become an intense local discussion regarding the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Several members of the public, who complained to library officials, said the event was not accurate and was one-sided. Ultimately, the last installment of the series was moved to a different location, but library officials said it was because of a scheduling conflict.

Scheduling conflict? Don't you mean pressure from the Jewish Lobby?

Without addressing the Teach-ins directly, a spokeswoman for the consulate general said Tamir recognized the dialogue was occurring and wanted to help introduce Israel's perspective.

Translation=He needs to get in there and spread Israel's false version of events. Why bother, we can all go to the IDF website or the HUGE amount of Jewish Publications if we want the IDF version of events. Or, we could just watch FOX news!

Nadav Tamir, who serves as consul general of Israel to New England in Boston, will answer the public's questions regarding recent events in Israel and Gaza.

Throughout February, the library hosted the first three meetings in a series of Palestine Teach-ins, hosted by Seacoast Peace Response and Palestine Education Network. The purpose of the event was to discuss the plight of the Palestinians during the conflict, which organizers said is often ignored by the media, but is just as tragic.

So Israel has to come in and hijack this groups discussion, such bullies and propaganda spreaders, using the ever powerful threats from Jewish lobbyists and groups to seize and take over discussion groups to control people and force their views on the public. And here it is in their own words below:

"There's been some events going on in the area, and we want to come in and be part of that discussion," said Daniella Caplan, director of press and media relations for the consulate general. "We want to make ourselves available to the public to answer any questions."

In a released statement, Tamir, who joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1993, said, "As a democratic country, Israel prides itself on its open society of dialogue and pluralism.

Open democracy eh? What about sexism ,racism and equality, and diversity, you forgot those wee things, all of which are present in any real democracy.Notice who is sponsoring the event below:

The sponsors of the event are Temple Israel, New Hampshire Center for Middle East Peace, New Hampshire Council of Churches and the Consulate General of Israel to New England.

I smell a MAJOR HASBARA ALERT coming to New Hampshire!