15 April 2009

Israel Won't Cooperate in War Crimes Investigation

Well this comes as no real surprise does it? After all,the Israeli baby killers know they are 100% guilty of mass murder, illegal use of weapons, bombing UN facilities, schools, hospitals, refugee camps, 400 children, the list is really endless. Well, no matter, the investigation will go forward I hope as there is certainly enough evidence without Israel's participation.

Bethlehem - Israel is “very unlikely” to cooperate with a UN probe investigating violations of human rights and international law during the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip in December and January, AP quoted an Israeli official as saying Wednesday.

The investigation, launched by the UN Human Rights Council, runs in parallel to a UN investigation on “several incidents in the Gaza Strip between 27 December 2008 and 19 January 2009 in which death or injuries occurred” according to a UN statement.

The Human Rights probe has been welcomed by dozens of international organizations as well as Hamas, which said it was ready to work with the investigators on the probe. Dozens of local organizations in the Gaza Strip have been collecting testimonies from citizens over the human rights violations carried out by the Israeli army during their war.

The Israeli government official indicated that the UN had been notified of the country’s position on the probe, but noted that he was unsure whether the probe’s chief Justice Richard J. Goldstone, had been informed of the decision.

Israel's ambassador to the UN was quoted Tuesday as saying Israel does not have faith in the UN Human Rights Council. (because they are effing GUILTY!)

According to AP, he said of Israel’s position that, "(It's) not about Justice Goldstone. It has nothing to do with him…It's clear to everybody who follows this council and the way that it treats Israel that justice cannot be the outcome of this mission."

Also under investigation by the probe will be Israel’s use of white phosphorous shells in densely populated Gaza, indiscriminate shelling in civilian areas, the willful destruction of civilian property, attacking clearly identified medics, and knowingly firing at unarmed civilians. link