12 April 2009

Palestinian Sues Israel for Return of Dead Body

Anything Israel can do to punish Palestinians, they will do. This is disgraceful, not returning the body so the family can have a burial.

Jerusalem lawmaker seeking return of Palestinian motorist shot dead at house demolition

Jerusalem – Ma’an – A Palestinian lawmaker from East Jerusalem is pressing Israeli authorities to the return the body of a young Palestinian man who was shot by Israeli forces last week during a house demolition.

The office of lawmaker Hatim Abdul-Qadir, who is also a presidential aide on Jerusalem Affairs, said they are seeking the return of the corpse of Iyad Uweisat, from the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabal Mukabbir.

Abdul-Qadir’s office said Israeli police are delaying the handover of the corpse despite the fact that they have completed the autopsy. In a statement the office said that the delay was an “additional punishment for the family.”